My Wildest Dreams

People frequently ask me who I'm writing this blog for; who is my target audience?  Well, that is a very hard question to answer because Crazy Blonde Life is a lifestyle blog and lifestyle is a very broad category.  Most everyone likes a good chocolate chip cookie recipe or an idea about what to make for dinner.  Some people are interested in fashion and shopping and others, interior design or nutrition.  Today, I'm writing for anyone who has dreams that they want to come true, and I'm hoping that's everyone!

I arrived home last night at around 8:00 pm, having left Atlanta later than I should have.  It's so hard to leave on time when I visit my girls (and Hudson), especially when I don't have a flight to catch.  Lauren and I took Hudson to Avalon and had lunch at a Peruvian restaurant called Remi's.  If you've never been, Avalon is a shopping area in Atlanta that has everything you could possibly imagine.  We had a really nice lunch and relaxed a little (as much as is possible while eating with Hudson).  Most of my time in Atlanta was spent helping get Lauren and Chris's house put together.  It was so nice to be able to help and know that when I left, things were better than they were when I arrived.  I left around 3:00 and all the way home, I listened to pod casts about blogging and growing a business and I became very inspired.  I walked in the door and immediately felt overwhelmed with all that needed to be done!  I started thinking about Sarah's wedding and that really took me over the edge.  My mind was racing way to fast!

As I said before, I am going to a blogger conference in a couple of weeks in Orlando, and then immediately leaving for the beach for 3 weeks!  Today, I'm teaching yoga in about an hour, cooking for a bySuzanne client, going to a meeting tonight that I need to make a cheese board for, and the laundry is piled up high in the laundry room, not to mention the dust that I can write my name in.  I have meetings with people about blog ideas, pictures to take, and so many things to learn!  I'm also trying to figure out what to pack for the beach, when I can get to Boston and Clarksville to see Rebecca and Sarah and I'm getting tired just typing!  So why am I doing all of this, when I don't really have to?

"It's not what you are, it's what you don't become that hurts." ~ Oscar Levant

It seems that finally in my life, I've found my passion.  Never mind that my children are making things difficult by being in different cities and that the travel is very time consuming.  Thank goodness they are in interesting places and not stuck in the middle of nowhere!  I have decided that I want to see where Crazy Blonde Life can take me!  It is the most fun I've had, and I refuse to believe that it's not possible that this little idea of a blog that I had two years ago can be as big as I want it to be!

When Crazy Blonde Life started, I had no idea what I wanted it to be and it is still evolving every day!  I find that I'm spending so much time working on posts, photography, cooking food, writing e-books, etc., that I hardly can get other things done.  So many days, the blog post is about what I'm doing in my life and that's great because it's easy to write about, but that isn't always the case, sometimes I struggle to come up with new ideas!  I'm torn, though, because a lot of the time, as most women do, I feel guilty about not getting things done that I used to, such as laundry, keeping the house nice, etc. but I have decided, very unapologetically, that I am going to pursue my dreams because when will I ever get another chance?

I've wasted far too much time in my life worrying about what other people think of me and clearly, I'm not doing that anymore!

I will also admit that I'm a person that wants it all!  By all, I mean that I want to have a successful business and great relationships with my family and friends, and I want to be able to travel and see the world.  I other words, I want to do what I want, when I want.  I'm trying to let go of what is not working in my life, and focus on what is!  I believe that gratitude is the key to having it all and that by doing my best to stay in a state of positivity and gratitude for what I have, right now, all the while dreaming my wildest dreams, that they will come true.  The key is being satisfied in the moment, while being open to what is possible, and anything is possible!

I have no way of knowing the timeline of all of my dreams coming true...I'll leave that to the Universe.  I am planning on enjoying each and every moment to the fullest because I choose to.  That doesn't mean that each and every moment is going to be great, or even good.  Sometimes, things will just suck, but I will try to find something to hold on to in those moments, knowing that they are temporary.  We are capable of creating the life that we are dreaming of!

Thanks so much for reading!  I would love to know your thoughts and how you are making your dreams come true.  Please comment below!

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