Words cannot begin to explain the fabulous weekend that I had in NYC at the Spirit Junkie Weekend with Gabrielle Bernstein!  I learned so much about myself and about how important it is that we are able to take of ourselves first so that we can serve and take care of others.  I can still feel the Angels in the theatre watching over all of us!


The Spirit Junkie Masterclass was held in the School of Visual Arts Theatre on 23rd St in New York!

The weekend was a journey that I went on with 250 really dedicated and loving people.  I reconnected with people that I had met at other Spirit Junkie Events and made many more lifetime friends that will be there to support me when I need them!  WOW!!!

The work that we did was based on 5 Sutras.

The Work Is Never About You

We were all born to serve and our job is to be powerful teachers

We All Have A Spiritual Relationship of Our Own Understanding

Our beliefs are all individual and do not have to be the same.  We are all vessels for light and love.

 Be Willing To Be Imperfect

Release your need to be perfect and commit to serve the world with love.

You Are Right Where You Need To Be

Be real about where you are right now and learn what you need from the situation in this moment.

When You Shine Brightly, You Give Others Permission To Do the Same

You cannot be afraid to shine because the world needs your light.

These sutras were taught by Gabby and our weekend centered around learning them and what they mean in our lives individually.

This is a picture of Gabby on Friday night describing what was to be a life changing weekend!


Saturday was a spectacular day and so was Gabby's outfit!


And Of course I have to share the great things about being at an event in NYC!

I stayed at the W Union Square and I would definitely recommend it!


My favorite restaurant is only about a block away.

ABC Kitchen is on 18 Street.  They have the best atmosphere, food and of course wine!


Roasted Beet Salad with Yogurt Dressing.  If you love beets, this salad is to die for!


This cookie plate was my pick for dessert!  So many options!


In the Union Square Neighborhood

Bedford Cheese Shop - I have never seen so many different kinds of cheese in one place!


Juice Generation

I only wish we had this in Burlington


ABC Home

Where else could you find a Buddha Snow Globe...perfect for a Spirit Junkie


I was forever changed by my Spirit Junkie weekend!  Now it's time to go out and "Be The Light"