An Evening at Crafted - The Art Of The Taco

I am always in pursuit of a great meal!  I love every kind of food and I love every kind of restaurant as long as the food is prepared thoughtfully and responsibly.  We found just the perfect spot on Wednesday night at Crafted, The Art of the Taco.  I would highly recommend Crafted for a casual but truly delicious lunch or dinner.  The service was excellent and the food delicious!





I had the Tuna Taco with Kimchee and Sweet Potato Chips!  Wednesday is also half priced Margarita night!!  Perfection!

After dinner went to Yum Yum on Tate Street in Greensboro.  The following is an excerpt from The Greensboro Daily Photo.  It was my first trip to Yum Yum and it was like stepping back in time.  Just remember to take cash because Yum Yum doesn't take cards.


Yum Yum Ice Cream in its first incarnation was sold from a cart beginning in 1909 in downtown Greensboro. An early Greensboro postcard features the ice cream cart in front of the Courthouse. In the 1920's, the business was moved to a free-standing building at the corner of Forest and Spring Garden Streets. Since the location was at the western limit of the city, the owner called the business West End Ice Cream. Around that time, he introduced the ice cream flavor Yum-Yum, a flavor that is believed to have included grapes, raisins, a grain. At any rate, people began saying, "Let's go get some of that Yum-Yum ice cream." The name stuck and became the official name for the store.

The shop is actually an ice cream factory with the product made in a back room, the old-fashioned way with vintage 1920's equipment. They have had the same ice-cream maker for 25 years now. He is very picky about the source of his ingredients as well as quality and consistency. The proof is in the taste of the ice cream. Currently, they feature 18 flavors at $2.00 a scoop. The store is, perhaps, equally famous for its tasty, bright red hot dogs which start at $1.00 for a basic dog and cost $1.60 for one "all the way." Yum Yum is surrounded on all four sides by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Let's hope the university remains a good neighbor and allows this century-old business to continue in this prime location.

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Happy Eating!