It is easy to be grateful when life is good and everything is going our way, but what happens when things are hard and we are sad and hurting.  I believe that in every situation, most all of us can find something to be grateful for.  Pain is a sign that growth is happening and we shouldn't ignore it.  It is important to really feel our fears and our pain and not push them aside.  Sadness and fear can move through us if we let them and as we feel them and let them move out, we can replace them with gratitude.  Some days it may just be that all we can find to be grateful for is a cup of coffee, but that's something and a starting point.  Find a small blessing in your life and try to celebrate that.  Breath into the gratitude and as you breath you will automatically connect with the wisdom of the universe.  This is where we find our creativity, our release and our joy.  It is how we learn to let the past and the pain go and connect to the present moment.  In reality, the present moment is all that we have.  Feel the pain, replace it with gratitude and breathe!




My hope for everyone today is that this post will help when times are tough.