My  husband and I were in Blowing Rock, NC this past weekend and we went into a shop that I've blogged about before called Celeste's.  I had a plan when we went in because I have had my eye on this Buddha since my last trip there in July.  It is a fabulous, very old wooden Buddha that Celeste has used as a display (although it was for sale) for jewelry and just a beautiful presence in the shop.  I had been dropping hints about it for quite a while.  Well...needless to say, it is mine!!  My husband, lets call him Mr. Crazy Blonde, bought it for me for an early Christmas gift.  It is being delivered next weekend and I can't wait to show you where it's going to go in our home! 


I picked up Sift Magazine at the grocery store today and I'm so glad I did.  I had never seen it before, and it is full of really great recipes and ideas for the holidays!  One of my favorite articles was Pantry Perfect Presents.  It is always so nice to have things on hand during the holidays to take for hostess gifts, or to have for someone who drops by unexpectedly.  I'm definitely going to try the Ginger Syrup because I'm on a ginger kick right now.  It can be used to drizzle over gingerbread, biscuits or oatmeal or used as an ingredient for cocktails.  I also really loved the menu for A North Carolina Thanksgiving.  If you see this magazine it is definitely worth picking up!


I can't believe that Thanksgiving is going to be here in 15 days, and you know what follows so closely behind!  It's such an exciting time of the year!

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