This past week has been quite a busy one for my family.  I wanted to share some of the highlights with you!  It started with my homemade apple pie.  I haven't made a homemade pie crust in years, but Rebecca asked for a homemade apple pie so I found this recipe in Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts Cookbook.  My parents gave me the cookbook in 1986 and it has been well loved.  This pie has a free form crust and that made it so much easier to assemble.  Next time, maybe I'll tackle the lattice crust.  The most important thing about this pie - it really tasted good!


Next came setting the tables.  We had fifteen people so I set two tables in very different ways.  I was pleased with how they turned out!  Below is the dining room.  I used large a large green and a large orange pumpkin and filled in with mercury glass acorns, mercury glass pine cones, smaller decorative pumpkins, and white roses.  Pedestals helped to add interest by elevating some of the pumpkins.

IMG_5644 (1)

My china is a mixture of new pieces and some things that I have picked up in antique and thrift stores.  I like to mix things up to make it more interesting.  I am always on the lookout for different pieces that will mix and match with what I have to create different place settings.


This picture is of our sun room.  It is such a different room, much less formal than the dining room.  I used large apples that I bought from Randy McManus Designs and scattered large mercury glass candle sticks and votives for sparkle on the glass table.  The green wine glasses completed the look.



We had lots of fires over the course of the week and got some family pics!  There is a definite theme in these pictures...everyone wants to have a picture made with Hudson!


IMG_5709 (1)



The pansies have been planted along with the pink tulips bulbs hiding beneath!


The leaves on our beautiful Japanese Maple Tree are turning and are some of the last ones to fall!  This tree puts on a show every year!



We ended the week with yet another fire and wine with good friends!



Just a reminder as we go into the Holiday Season the stay present in each moment and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.47.22 PM

AND maybe to eat just a little less!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.54.38 AM

Speaking of winter weight...I will give you an update on my 21 Day Juice Challenge tomorrow!

Happy Holidays from Crazy Blonde Life!