I'm leaving for New York City in the morning!  I'll be there for the tree lighting tomorrow night and I'm so excited!  I have been trying to pack for two days now - packing doesn't come easy for me so don't expect a post on how to pack for three days in a carry on bag because I don't think I could ever do that!  I struggle with getting it all into a large bag that has to be checked and I usually have a carry on as well!  You can never be too prepared!

This is my first outfit.  Mr. Crazy Blonde gave me the coat for Christmas last year.  It is Elizabeth and James (my coat is from last year so the link I've given here is different, but very fabulous) and I love it!  I couldn't wait to take it out this year and it will be so warm and stylish to walk around in!  The jeans are Rag and Bone and the boots are Jimmy Choo.


I wish I could even tell you anything about this outfit except that it is an oldie goldie!  I've had it for probably fifteen years and I still love it!  It's very funky and fun - perfect for dinner in the West Village!


This outfit is a good one for shopping or going to lunch or a casual dinner.  The jeans are James Jeans.  The shirt is Equipment from last year and the boots are old but much loved Miu Miu (these are similar)!  The necklace is Paige Novick


I'm a little worried about being warm enough in this outfit, but the leather jacket is thin enough so I can throw a coat over if I get too cold.  The leather jacket is June (very old), the blouse is Joie, the jeans are L'agence  that I purchased from Jamie Nashville and the boots are old Sam Edeleman!


This is my favorite outfit!  It is a Susana Monaco Dress, Top Shop Leopard Coat (from last year, but this one is similar),  old Tory Burch Boots, and a necklace designed by Lush Jewelry


I actually like this a lot also, but I am always cold so I worry about the sleeveless top.  I have a great black fur jacket to wear over it so I should be fine!  The whole outfit is Trina Turk and it feels very Mad Men Mod to me!  The necklace is by Chloe and Isabel.


I can't wait to get to NYC and wear all of these outfits!  I'll be taking lots of pictures on this trip, so check back for details of my Crazy Blonde December 2015 trip to New York!