Blogs and Instagram are so much a part of our daily lives and while I do believe in having a healthy balance with social media, I have been introduced to so many great ideas through my favorite blogs and instagram accounts.  I literally drool over the pictures of beautiful interiors, fashion and delicious food.

One of the first blogs I started following everyday was The Simply Luxurious Life.  Reading it, I was  inspired to start my own blog and talk about things that matter to me.  The blog was started about six years ago by Shannon Ables and provides endless inspiration for living a luxurious life on an everyday income.   Shannon recently released a book called Choosing the Simply Luxurious: A Modern Womans Guide.


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One of my favorite weekly posts is This & That, featured every Friday.

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Next up is Tory Daily.  Tory Daily is The Tory Burch Blog and since I love Tory Burch clothes, shoes and accessories, it would only make sense that I would also love the blog! I have discovered so many new things and ideas from the broad range of categories that include style, beauty, culture, travel, entertaining, music, and sport.  The photography is stunning!

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I love this recipe for Roasted New Mexico Chili Salsa from Deborah Schneider's Salsa's and Moles featured on Tory Daily.

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I actually first read about Eye Swoon on the Tory Daily BlogEye Swoon is a lifestyle blog by Athena Calderone who is an interior designer, model, home chef and entertaining expert.  She demonstrates through her blog that "all it takes are simple ideas and thoughtful execution to turn our surroundings into a place that makes the eye swoon".

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The latest post was this Rustic Pear Galette

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Camille Styles is a blog that I read every day without fail.  This lifestyle blog offers posts on health, fitness, fashion and style and hopes to "inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives". 

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Last but definitely not least is Delightfully ChicDelightfully Chic is a blog written by my beautiful and talented friend Tiffany Gaither.  Tiffany studied fashion and is a fashion merchandising and design major.  Her talents are definitely evident in her lifestyle blog where you can find ideas and inspiration on everything from beauty must haves to baby decor (she is expecting a little Baby Gaither in March)!  Tiffany's heart really shines through in Delightfully Chic!  You will love this blog!

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First on my list of favorite Instagram accounts is @theperennialstyle.  Follow along with the Flowers Sisters as they give you great fashion inspiration and travel in style!

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I also love @sakaralifeSakara Life is an organic meal delivery service.  The pictures of their food will make you want to have every meal delivered by Sakara Life!

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@alikatz_atozenmeditation is another favorite Instagram account (I also love her blog!).  You will be inspired by Ali Katz and be reminded to "bring balance with meditation"

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Check out these blogs and instagram accounts and add them to your list of favorites!