While visiting Savannah, my daughter Rebecca and I found the most intriguing shop called House of StrutHouse of Strut is a Vintage Clothing Store, owned by Erica Jarman.  The shop has only been open for about a year, but the collection of clothing and shoes has been evolving for quite some time.  Erica started shopping for vintage clothing with her Mother and Aunt when she was a little girl and caught the thrifting bug early!  She started collecting vintage clothing in her early twenties and wore the clothing as a way to stretch a dollar, but soon developed her own individual style and was being noticed more and more by people who loved what she was wearing.  Eventually Erica began working in corporate America as a recruiter for a finance company, and it didn't take her long to realize that even though the money was nice, it wasn't making her happy!  She started working for a jeweler in Savannah and did marketing and arranged fashion shows for him while at the same time taking a large pay cut!  It didn't matter, because she loved what she was doing and she was learning about retail and marketing which would eventually help her in her own endeavor.  Finally, she decided to follow her dream and open House of Strut in the Starland District of Historic Savannah and sell her clothing.  Her collection is ever evolving and there is something for everyone.  She says that she will "sell anything other than her son and her soul"!  House of Strut is in a pink Victorian house which is perfectly fitting for her!  Erica has created more than just a vintage shop for herself, she also hosts live music events and is in collaboration with other business owners who have a creative eye.  Her shop has become a hub for creatives in the area.

Join me as we take a tour of this delightful shop with an even more delightful owner!

Rebecca at the door of House of Strut!


Erica Jarmon pictured below with Rebecca who is modelling a vintage suede jacket.


The selection of clothing is mind boggling.





A rear end table!  We though this was hysterical and it gives you an idea of Erica's sense of humor!





Rebecca modelling a vintage outfit from the 1970's.  She took this one home with her!




We loved getting to know Erica and perusing the beautiful and eclectic clothing and accessories.  It was an amazing afternoon and we'll definitely go back!  I have my eye on a vintage chair!

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