Last night we wanted to have a quiet night and watch something on Netflix so we didn't want to go to a huge amount of trouble with dinner preparations.  These flatbreads took very little time to put together and they were sooo good!  I was originally going to only make the Cremini and Fontina Flatbreads, but Sarah decided to have dinner with us and since she doesn't like mushrooms, I made a quick version for her with pesto, Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of Parmesan.  The options for toppings are really endless so be creative!  I have included the recipe for the Cremini and Fontina version below!  I made a simple green salad with pine nuts and avocado and an orange vinaigrette.

I served the flatbreads on my huge wooden cutting board and I loved the presentation.  This would be an easy and fun menu for a party!


The garlic oil simmering.



The flatbreads right before going in the oven.

DSC_0306 (1)

The flatbreads fresh from the oven.  They made the whole house smell delicious!


The final presentation!  I loved how it looked, very rustic!




Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.46.58 AM

Recipe adapted from www.gatheranddine.com

Happy Monday!  Tell me what toppings you would use on flatbreads in the box below!   Follow me on Instagram @smithsuzanne