As I approach the one year anniversary of Crazy Blond Life I have been thinking a lot about my blog and the direction that I want it to go.  There are so many bloggers, fashion and otherwise, sharing their ideas and outfits all over the world.  I have had some comments lately that were a bit critical, and that is to be expected, but it has caused me to think about why I'm doing what I'm doing and I want to share that with you.  The reason that I continue to blog every day and have the passion for it that I do is because I want to inspire people to inject beauty into every day.   Whether I'm posting a recipe or pictures of a party or an outfit, I am trying to inspire, sometimes myself (on a bad day), and you, to live life intentionally.  Thinking about outfit posts on a more regular basis has inspired me to shop more thoughtfully (what do I really need to complete that outfit) and to really wear more of my clothes and not just the same things over and over again.  What is style, does it matter?  Style is as much about how we live as it is about what we wear.  I think that when we take the time to choose our clothes carefully, or make a really nice dinner with local ingredients, we are elevating our lives.  When I feel good in my clothes, it makes me feel more confident.  When I have chosen to eat well and share the food that I cook with people that I love, that is my gift to myself and to them.  I think it is important to have beauty and quality in our lives.  That doesn't mean that we have to have the most expensive of everything, it just means that we've done a little something special for ourselves and for those that our lives touch.  I hope to touch and hopefully inspire many lives through my blog. 

Crazy Blonde Life has given me a voice that I haven't always had before in my life because I haven't always had the confidence to speak up and be heard.  It has become my own creative outlet.  Self doubt creeps in occasionally and I have to put it out of my head.  I love blogging and I hope the people that read my blog love it!  I can't worry about the ones that don't.  This blogging journey has forced me to look at who I truly am and what I am showing the world.  I'm not trying to be anyone else other than myself.  I want to be creative, positive and uplifting.  I love fashion, cooking, entertaining and beauty.  I hope to never seem selfish and shallow, I just want to share my ideas and sometimes my views.  I'm excited to see where my life is going and I will continue to blog everyday and hope that my readers are inspired to make small positive changes in their lives and to be uniquely who they are!

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I really welcome your thoughts on this post!  Please leave me your comments below!  Thanks for taking the time to read Crazy Blonde Life!