On Sunday afternoon I got a call from my daughter Sarah asking if we could go to lunch this week.  Of course, we could go to lunch! Sarah is in college at High Point University and is about 45 minutes away so we usually meet in the middle in Greensboro.  As I was getting ready, I realized just how cute Hudson looked and had to stop and snap these pictures of him!  After, I picked up my friend Britt and we were off to meet Lauren and Sarah for lunch!

I can barely handle the cuteness of this little one!  He is so cooperative...I can't believe he kept those glasses on!




Lots of sweet kisses!


DSC_0755 (1)

At the restaurant, waiting for our table...Britt and Sarah with Hudson


Britt and I have been friends for a long time!  She's like a sister!


This child is always happy!


DSC_0769 (1)



He really loves to be upside down!  I'm sure he'll be a yogi someday!


Is this appropriate restaurant behavior?!  I'm not sure, but we certainly had a good time!


My sweet Sarah!

DSC_0768 (1)

After lunch, we did a little shopping, of course!

Sarah and Lauren modeling the same dress and clowning around at Palm Avenue in Greensboro.


Very cute!  Did we take this one home?


I know we took this one home!  It's a romper!


I'm not sure what this was all about!

DSC_0826 (1)

Too much lunch and shopping for this sweet baby!

DSC_0821 (1)

We had such a fun day together!  I am so blessed to have the most wonderful daughters (we missed you Rebecca) and great friends!

Hudson's outfit:  Baby Gap

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