If you've been following along on the blog, you know by now that my family has been in Savannah for my daughter Rebecca's graduation!  It was such a fun trip except for the very end when the moving truck pulled up to move her out of her apartment.  That was a lot of work, and it rained!  Savannah is an amazing city and there is so much to see and do from shopping to eating to sightseeing.  It seems like her time there went by so quickly and there are still things we would like to do, so we will definitely be going back to visit frequently!  I wanted to share some high lights from the trip.

The graduate!  It was so hot that day and she was so ready to take off that cap and gown, but we had to have at least a few pictures first!


We ate at this fabulous Italian restaurant called Bella Napoli Bistro.  It is so tiny inside but the food is divine!  If you visit, I suggest you arrive very hungry because you're going to want everything on the menu!

DSC_0885 (1)

They put hot pasta into this wheel of Parmesan cheese and coat it with the delicious cheese and then top the whole thing with sautéed scallops and shrimp!  We got entertainment and delicious food!




Friday night was Rebecca's Senior Art Show where she and the other students displayed their senior projects.  We couldn't be more proud of her for everything she's accomplished!



After we went out to dinner and had a great meal, BUT I forgot to take any pictures of the food!  I did however get pictures of Hudson who was really loving the camera!


We stayed at the Westin Savannah Harbor.  We have been staying at that hotel for at least 10 years and we love it there!  It feels like home when we drive up.  We were on the 16th floor and this was the view from our window!


This picture was from the last day when it was raining.


It is so fascinating to stand at the window and watch these huge container ships go by!  I can't even understand how they float!


I would love to spend some time on this beautiful boat!


Of course we spent some time at the pool.  Hudson loved it!


DSC_0917 (2)



This isn't much of a fashion post, but I did want to show off Rebecca's Mara Hoffman dress that she wore to graduation!  It is fabulous!!


I love to walk around Savannah and look at the beautiful architecture!




We had brunch at 700 Drayton.  It is in a beautiful old mansion across from Forsyth Park.  The interior is fun and funky!



The outfit that I wore that was featured on the blog yesterday.  It came from Mynt Boutique in Durham.  How much do you love this chair?



On Saturday night, we had a little get together at a fabulous little wine bar on Liberty Street called Vino Veritas.  Rebecca invited some of her friends for a glass of wine and Mr. Crazy Blonde and I got to meet some of them for the first time.  Nights like that are always bittersweet because it's the end of a chapter in your life!


I'm loving Rebecca's outfit here!  Ellen has been a friend of Rebecca's since high school and is a student at SCAD.  It was so good to spend time with her!


I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of Savannah and pictures of our time there!  Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I hope everyone has a great day!  I'm going to spend the day getting helping Rebecca get her things organized and start packing to go to Bald Head Island on Thursday!  My life is a little crazy right now, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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