We have an adorable little gazebo in our back yard that was built when our house was built in 1933!  It is starting to need some repairs, but it's still one of my favorite things about the house!  When Lauren got married several years ago, the wedding reception was in our back yard and we put her cake in the gazebo.   We've also used it for dinner seating for birthday parties we've thrown for the girls over the years.  It's such a cozy spot to sit in!  There is a brick wall behind the gazebo that is planted with creeping fig (very drought resistant) and it looks so lush in the summer!  It reminds me of some of the old houses in Savannah.  

I decided to have breakfast in the gazebo and catch up on some reading yesterday!  I bought a quiche and coffee cake from Michelle's Kitchen and ate outside!  It was a little warm but still nice and my breakfast was delicious!  I'm wearing cute pajamas that I bought from Anthropologie!  Every time I go in the store, I'm always drawn to the loungewear and the pjs!  These are so comfy and I'm hoping to spend an entire day wearing them soon!  







DSC_0600 (2)


My thoughts have shifted to packing for Boston and helping my sweet Rebecca get settled for her time there! Follow along on Instagram with me this week @crazyblondelifeblog!  Thanks for stopping by!