"When you set time aside to envision your life as you want it to be, you access a power that is unavailable to you when you focus upon the problems of your life."   This quote is from a book called Money and the Law of Attraction by Ester Hicks and Jerry Hicks.

Recently, I have been talking constantly about how much I have to do, and how I can't wait to have the time to slow down and basically I've been complaining about my life and not even realizing it.  This quote really hit me and what I see is that my life is so fabulous!  I am so blessed to have a beautiful family, a beautiful home and the time to spend doing all of the things that I love!  I appreciate being able to spend time at the beach with my family making memories that I will treasure forever!  I so much appreciate that I was able to go and help Sarah move into her apartment at High Point University and also that she is able to go to such a great school that is close by!  I appreciate that I was able to go to Boston and help Rebecca and Hayes move into their apartment and then have time to spend with Rebecca before coming home!  We made priceless memories that I wouldn't trade for anything!  Who cares if my house was a mess for the whole summer! 

I'm going to spend this week enjoying every moment of planning Hudson's birthday party and getting the house and yard ready for his celebration!  He is one of my greatest joys!

No more complaining about not having enough time to get everything done!  It's time to stop focusing on anything negative because that's a waste of my time!  I'm going to focus on all the good and be joyful for my wonderful life!

I'm sharing pictures of my last day in Boston today!  These next few were taken from the balcony of my hotel room!  I had a really beautiful view!

Before I left for the airport, I met Hayes and Rebecca for breakfast at a little place called The Friendly Toast.  We ended up eating at the bar and meeting the nicest couple that live in Boston.  They gave up their seats so we all could eat and we ended up talking to them for a while!  Everyone in Boston was so friendly!






These two are going to have so much fun in Boston!  I know there will be amazing opportunity around every corner!

DSC_0917 (2)


I love a good spicy Bloody Mary!


The food was so delicious!  Eggs Benedict with lobster!


Fish Tacos



This was the last picture taken in Boston of Rebecca and I...I will will miss her so much but I know she's in the right place!

DSC_0918 (2)

This fall, I'm going to be enjoying the fresh cool air and embracing getting back into a routine.  I want to focus on the positive and living in the moment instead of worrying about anything and everything...because I know how game changing that can be!  

Happy Sunday!