The Secrets of Maintaining a Healthy Weight!

I recently read an article in Martha Stewart Living Magazine that was very interesting and I wanted to summarize and share it with you!  This information comes from Cornell University's online Global Healthy Weight Registry.  This registry studies the everyday behaviors of people who maintain a healthy weight. Here are the seven habits that they have in common!

They don't diet.   In a study at Cornell University, out of  147 adults, mostly women, who had maintained their weight, 74% never or rarely dieted.  Dieting usually doesn't work (read more about why diets don't work here) because they are not sustainable for the long run.  A cycle of dieting can actually lead to weight gain.  Most people who deliberately loose weight on a diet will be heavier or the same weight five years later than when they started.


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They weigh themselves often. A study at Brown University shows that people who have successfully lost and kept off at least 30 pounds for an average of five years, weigh themselves at least once a week.  The study shows that people who are able to quickly catch small weight gains can then take action to reverse them.  Instead of letting the number define moods or feelings, these people are able to use the number to demonstrate where they are in relation to their goals.

They eat mindfully.  92% of people in the Global Healthy Weight Registry are conscious of everything they eat.  They listen to their bodies cues and pause before and after they eat, checking in with their bodies as they eat to determine if they feel full.  Even though it may take as long as six months of deliberate mindfulness while eating, eventually it becomes automatic and therefore works better than dieting.  Read this article from Psychology Today for more on mindfulness and read this article for tips on creating a meditation space.


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They walk it off.  Almost half of the participants exercise five or more times a week, usually walking for about an hour.  Read this article from The Mayo Clinic for more about the benefits of walking.

They keep the kitchen clean.  A Cornell study in 2016 found that in a chaotic, messy kitchen, women eat twice as many cookies.  Disarray primes us for a lack of self control and can cause stress.  The combination of these things makes us want to eat.  When women have a meditative mind set, they're better able to resist temptation.  The suggestion is to learn how to meditate and keep the kitchen clean and clutter free.


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They don't feed their feelings.  Most people in the Weight Control Registry rarely overate in response to emotions.  Eating a pint of ice cream isn't actually soothing, so it's best to save the ice cream (or whatever you want to eat) for later when it can be enjoyed. 

They start over every week.  Most healthy people see Monday as a fresh start.  Consider each Monday as a time to reset and choose to exercise and eat nutritious meals.  People who resume healthy habits after a weekend splurge are more successful at maintaining a steady weight.

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