A Comfortable Outfit for the Weekend!

There is no time when being comfortable counts more than when you're keeping a 14 month old!  Our grandson Hudson, has been staying with us since Thursday morning while his parents are in New York.  We have had so much fun but I'm going to admit that my house is completely trashed and I'm exhausted!  I'm not exactly set up for a full time baby and it's been an adventure!  I love this comfortable outfit so much because it's great for chasing a baby AND relaxing after!  The sweater is from Target and is so affordable.  I'll wear it with jeans and over my workout clothes for a stylish look to run errands after a workout.  The leggings are great with this casual outfit, but could also be dressed up very easily!  My sneakers are Nike slip-ons and are so comfortable that they feel like bedroom shoes.








These pictures were taken this morning first thing after Hudson's bottle!  After, we had grits for breakfast and took a trip to Target!  He has so much energy, but he is a great sleeper so that helps...at least we get some sleep at night!  One of the best things about keeping him is snuggling first thing in the morning before he gets completely awake!  He is so cuddly and sweet!




Mossimo Sweater from Target,  Ann Taylor grey leggings, Nike slip-on sneakers, Lush Jewelry earrings

As we speak, Hudson is with my sister and her husband having a great time chasing their cat, I'm sure!  I thought about cooking dinner tonight but just for a second before I decided that was a very crazy idea!  When my children were little, I cooked all of the time.  I guess I'm just out of practice!  It has been a really great weekend with Hudson but I must admit that I'm ready to get my house back in order and get back on my blogging schedule!  I'll have just a little break until he's back on Monday morning!  I hope you all have gotten some rest and have had a great Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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