Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent the day yesterday cooking for Thanksgiving and doing some online shopping!  The sales are great and are continuing today.  I might not even have to leave the house to get all of my shopping done! 

It was a really nice night with our family and friends sharing Thanksgiving together!  As usual, we had way too much food and we all ate too much!  After dinner, we sat by the fire and enjoyed the evening.  Sitting by the fire on a beautiful night is one of life's greatest pleasures..and yet another reason to love this time of year!  

I treasure the time that we have together!



I decorated the table in a slightly different way than I did on my YouTube video.  I added pomegranates and used a little less greenery.  I actually had to set two tables to accommodate the crowd.  The second table was our round breakfast table and I filled a beautiful glass bowl with pomegranates and greenery.  


I'm going to do a separate post with the recipe for my Mac and Cheese.  I've been making it for so long that I don't need a recipe.  It's a little different each time I make it because I use the cheeses that are in the refrigerator.  

Get the recipe for my Brussels Sprouts here.


Three Onion Casserole pictured below with my Grand Marnier Stuffing.  I made the onion casserole for the first time this year and it will be a tradition.  I'm considering making it again for Christmas.  It is very decadent and delicious with three kinds of cheese, leeks, yellow and red onions.


My Maple Pecan Pie from Ina Garten's recipe.



Rebecca's dress and Sarah's top are both from Anthropologie.  My top is Joie (on sale) and Lauren's dress is Cabi.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and now it's time to start thinking about Christmas and the holidays ahead!

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A Day To Be Grateful - Happy Thanksgiving

A Day To Be Grateful - Happy Thanksgiving