Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes

We have a friend who comes to our house for Thanksgiving every year and brings Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes.  They are so delicious and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them!  The only problem is...he won't share his recipe!  I decided to make my version and see how they came out.  I will have to say that he might just have some competition!  These mashed potatoes are creamy and delicious and the smoky flavor of the gouda is a great addition. Keep scrolling for a printable recipe.


I served them in this great serving piece from Skyros.  It's such a great piece because it can go in the oven.  I like to be able to make things ahead and reheat them, especially on Thanksgiving when there is already so much going on.  Anything that can be made ahead makes my life easier.  These Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes reheat beautifully!


Have you decided on your menu for Thanksgiving?  I know that at our house everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and we end up with so much food because of that!  It always looks like we're feeding about ten more people than we really are, but that's part of the fun.  The refrigerator is always stuffed with wonderful leftovers to be eaten over the next several days.


We're off to the UNC football game later today.  It should be a beautiful day to be outside for the game!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog

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