Trusting the Power of the Universe


I'm shifting gears a little bit today!  I want to talk about creating balance and trusting the power of the universe!  Sounds deep, I know!  Yesterday's post was all about my Christmas wish list and while it was fun to put together and I would really love to have all of those things, it obviously wasn't about what's ultimately important.  Life can be beautiful and difficult all at the same time. We think we have everything under control and then something happens that can make us doubt everything.  Facing these situations with grace and trust helps us to not be afraid.  Sometimes the moments that we don't think we can handle can be the most beautiful and life changing.  We can survive and we can come out on the other end...stronger and better.

"I begin today with the wisdom to trust that I'm profoundly loved and supported by the universe.  I trust that the power of the universe lives all around me and is the light within me." ~ This is my mantra for everyday - it is taped to my computer screen.

 As we all know, the holidays can be a very stressful time, especially when we are going through things in life that are difficult.  Family relationships can be strained, worries about money come up and so many of us strive for perfection.  There is an idea that we can create the perfect holiday, but the truth is that nothing is perfect and we can only do the best we can.  I believe that releasing some control over trying to make everything perfect will make me and everyone around me happier.    

I'm starting to block out time everyday to meditate, to go to yoga or practice at home and to spend time with the people I love.  Those are the truly important things because they keep me centered and then everything else that I try to do goes more smoothly.  We can all make the excuse that when things are less crazy we'll do all of these things, but our lives are happening right now and the when never really comes until we decide it will.  This holiday season, I'm going to try to stay in a state of compassion, love and forgiveness and start out everyday with gratitude for all of my blessings and hand control over to the Universe.

Everyday, things are changing really quickly.  The reality is that we only have this moment, even if it is a busy season and we have 300 things to do!  You don't want to miss a moment to love and live more deeply!


Have a really great day everyone and thanks for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life!









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