Our Home In Southern Home Magazine!

I had the honor today of hosting Lynn Terry, the editor of Southern Home Magazine for a photo shoot in our home!  I am so excited because our house will be featured in Southern Home Magazine in the 2017 holiday issue which will come out in October 2017!! Southern Home is currently a quarterly magazine, but in January, it will be published bi-monthly and will be available for subscriptions, so be sure to look for Southern Home and subscribe.  I have been reading Southern Home since the first issue; I love it and I think you will too!

The photography was done by the insanely talented Smith Cameron of Smith Cameron Photography who was such a pleasure to work with!  Lynn and my designer Leigh Jones of Leigh Jones Interior Design (see my interview with Leigh here), were incredible to work with as well because they paid attention to every detail to make the rooms magazine ready!  I had a house full of beautiful fresh flowers done by Lyn Moser of Special Arrangements and I have decided that I want fresh flowers in every room all of the time!  

Southern Home Magazine features Southern homes that are inviting and interesting to every design aesthetic.  The homes on the pages of this magazine invite you to come in, explore, and be inspired by beautiful rooms that are the heart of a Southern home.

The photographs featured here were taken by me and are definitely not professional quality, but I just couldn't wait to share because I'm so excited about having our home featured in Southern Home Magazine!


I set the table with vintage dishes that I received as a Christmas gift last year.  They are a perfect match for our dining room and the color is festive for the holidays!


Lyn Moser of Special Arrangements did the most stunning arrangement for the dining room table!


Below are my shots of the photo shoot!  It was an overcast day and perfect for photographing the house!  We were all so happy that the rain held off and we were able to get some great shots outside!


Our patio and fireplace are one of my favorite things about the house!  It is an inviting space that we created when our daughter Lauren got married.


Lynn, Leigh and Smith got every detail just right!  It was so inspiring to watch them work to create the perfect pictures!




I'm including this photo again because it shows the front of the house.  I usually use red ribbon on the outside of the house but I love the green ribbon this year and the garland with very Southern magnolia!


We worked so hard to get the house ready for this photo shoot and I am very honored that our home will be featured in Southern Home Magazine!

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