Favorite Things for My Kitchen - My List

Favorite Things for My Kitchen - My List

A friend asked me not long ago to do a post about my list of my top ten favorite things for my kitchen.  I started to think about it and there are so many things that I love and use constantly!  I had a really hard time narrowing it down to ten, so here is my list of favorite things for my kitchen and there are more than ten!

The first item on my list is my cast iron skillet.  I have had my skillet for over thirty years and I use it almost every day!  There is nothing better for making grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, sauteeing vegetables and searing salmon or chicken.  It also goes right into the oven so it's perfect for frittatas or finishing that seared salmon or chicken.  If you don't have a cast iron skillet, you should get one today because it will change your life!


I couldn't live without my Wooden Lemon Reamer!  This little tool makes juicing small amounts of citrus so easy, and you get every last drop of juice!


I depend on my microplane grater to grate everything from Parmesan cheese to lemon zest to chocolate.  It makes cooking so much easier!


Every cook needs a cutting board!  A cutting board gives you a work surface that protects your knife blades.  I prefer a wooden cutting board.


Every cook needs a chefs knife and a pairing knife.  They are indispensable tools for cooking.  If I had to choose, I would choose the chefs knife for chopping vegetables or just about anything.


I couldn't live without my Vita Mix Blender.  It is the best for making smoothies, pureeing soups and making hummus.


I make soups and sauces all year long, so a stockpot is high on my list of favorite items for my kitchen.  I saute my veggies and then add stock all in the same pot.  You don't necessarily need a copper pot, but copper is beautiful!


Every kitchen needs a non stick saute pan for searing delicate fish and making egg dishes.


My salt keeper was a Christmas gift several years ago and I use it every day!  It's nice to keep on the stove full of Maldon Sea Salt.


Use Maldon Sea Salt to cook with or use it as a finishing salt when serving.  This salt is a must have for my kitchen!


I use a box grater to grate cheese and sometimes carrots if I don't need but a couple for a salad.  It's easier than getting out the food processor and the cleanup is much easier!


Mixing bowls are another must have!  I use them for mixing ingredients, and whipping cream!


Measuring spoons and cups certainly don't need an explanation.  If you're cooking, or baking, you need them!


I think it's important to use freshly ground pepper in recipes, so having a good pepper mill is definitely on my must have list!


I'm sure that there is something that I left off of my list!  I could go on and on about things that I love to use in my kitchen, but this is a great start!  If you're thinking of buying someone a kitchen gift, any of these items would be perfect.

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