Glow and Confidence with Trish McEvoy

Glow and Confidence with Trish McEvoy


I loved hosting four fabulous Trish McEvoy makeup artists last week for a fun evening of Glow and Confidence!  These talented makeup artists "made being a girl so much fun"!    We celebrated the idea of enhancing our best selves by creating Glow and Confidence through makeup!  No celebration is complete without a little bubbly!

Trish McEvoy Blackberry and Vanilla Musk fragrance is my favorite!  The candles made my whole house smell Crazy Blonde fabulous!  


Everyone who came got an individual consultation and then had their makeup done from the foundation up!  The glow and confidence that resulted was amazing.  Makeup can be transformative and this evening was certainly proof of that!

Ralph was busy making these girls look and feel even more beautiful than they were when they came in!


Jan and Ralph...experts makeup artists for Trish McEvoy!


Cristina Michael was the force behind getting this event up and running!  She and Jan flew in from Washington DC to help make this event possible!  Thank you!!  


Meet Billie!  She taught me about non-touring.  Evidently contouring is out and non-touring is in!  It's a softer more natural look and I love it!  She is holding the Trish Eau De Parfum.   Every time I smell that scent it will take me back to this wonderful evening!


A toast to one of the best evenings ever and hopefully the first of many collaborations with Trish McEvoy!


The purpose of the evening was to make everyone that came feel pampered by Trish McEvoy! I loved my new makeup look so much that I hated washing my face that evening!


Trish McEvoy created the Makeup Planner as the "one and only portable makeup vanity".  It is THE perfect alternative to makeup bags and organizes your makeup with refillable makeup pages.  The planner keeps everything you need right at your fingertips.  I have personally found Trish McEvoy skincare products to be some of the most effective products that I've ever used.


How about this beautiful lady!


Christa's makeup accentuated her already beautiful face!  She was glowing!


 Ralph worked with Julie to create a glowing, glam look!


This beauty is my daughter Sarah!  She is getting married soon and had Billie create a wedding look that she will be able to recreate on her wedding day!


Michelle came just wanting lipstick and blush, but left with more and a wish list.  Jan chose the perfect palette to go with her beautiful red hair!


There are so many Trish McEvoy products to choose from and I am excited to add some new makeup for Spring to my planner.  My favorite Trish McEvoy skin care products include the Beauty Booster Serum, the Triangle of Light Eye Mask (great for those nights when you had one too many glasses of Champagne), the Beauty Booster Cream.  My favorite makeup picks include the Gel Eye Liner Pencil, the Light and Lift Face Color Duo, the Precision Brow Shaper, and I love the Ultra-wear Lip Gloss!


This was one of the best nights ever and I loved sharing it with everyone who came!   Thank you to Cristina, Billie, Ralph and Jan and to Trish McEvoy for making this night possible!  Follow Trish McEvoy and me on Instagram!  Happy Monday everyone!

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