A Spring Day in January

Is there anything better than a spring day in January?  It was almost hot yesterday and Hudson and I were outside enjoying the weather.  Even though spring isn't quite here, we had a glimpse and I'm excited!  Our bulbs are coming up and the trees are already budding.  I really do hope that it doesn't snow again!  Sorry to all the people that love snow!

If you read my blog at all, you know that I'm a jeans girl!  I can never have too many pairs, and I love all of the new lengths,  and crazy hems!  These jeans by FRAME are a little high waisted (I'm embracing that), cropped, and the hem is uneven, meaning it is longer in the back than in the front.  They are perfect to wear with higher booties, just throw them on and go!  I also want to mention the fabulous necklace that I'm wearing.  It's made by my friend Lana Wilson.  She has a company called Spirit Rocks and they make the most fabulous jewelry with crystals.  My blouse is from last season from Joie and my booties are Sam Edelman.  I love the pointy toe on these booties!


My Trish McEvoy makeup event is tonight and I'm excited to blog about it tomorrow and show you before and after pictures!  Email me if you would like to stop by!  There are still a few time slots left.  Come have a glass of Champagne and leave looking Crazy Blonde Fabulous!

Also, check out my Crazy Blonde Cooking Class Schedule!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a great day!