It's All About Communication

Misunderstandings tear us apart.  Have you ever felt like you just couldn't get your point across,  Communication is hard but so many times unhappiness comes into our lives because of things left miscommunicated.

Why is it that we forget to make time for the people who are most important to us.  Why do we refuse to be present when we know that it's the most important thing?  So many times we misunderstand each other and it leads to heartache and heartbreak.   It's so important to make time to listen to the feelings and really hear the people we love.

There are times when just listening and having a kind heart can be so healing.  I recently read that the single greatest problem with communication is assuming that it has taken place.

The bottom line is that you never know what a person has been through so be kind and be a good listener.  Be present for those that you love.  If the situation calls for it, take responsibility for your actions and the hurt that you may have caused.  

Obviously, I'm feeling a little reflective tonight, but consider this question.  

Think about one small misunderstanding that turned into a big mistake in your life.  How could that have changed if only you had listened more closely and clarified things? 


I hope that this post serves you in some way.  Have a great day everyone!