Fall Outfit Idea - A Cup of Coffee and Pinterest

We've all felt a little BLAH at some point in our lives and yesterday, I needed a little inspiration.  It was probably just a result of trying to cram too much into my week and feeling tired, but I decided that Pinterest just might be the best place to jump start my creativity.  Pinterest is full of of gorgeous pictures and it's so easy to search for categories such as fall decor and fall fashion.  Sometimes you can fall down the rabbit hole and one thing leads to another and you've been sitting in front of a computer screen for hours, but it's so much fun!  

After grabbing another cup of coffee and searching through lots of categories, I did feel like I needed to get up and do something...so I talked my husband into going to the pumpkin patch and we found some great pumpkins to decorate the front porch and gazebo with.  I'm going back today for Chrysanthemums...I feel a fall decor blog post coming on!

fall outfit idea

The outfit that I'm wearing was also inspired by Pinterest!  I was determined not to wear jeans (again) and decided to pull out these leggings that I got last year and never wore.  The over-the-knee boots are by Splendid and are also from last season, as is the Cabi sweater and Tibi tank.  I guess I was shopping my closet.  The fabulous statement necklace from Lush Jewelry brought the whole outfit together!  You can read my interview with Ashley Westcott, owner of Lush Jewelry here.

Leggings, tall boots and statement necklace

I've been working on organizing my Pinterest boards lately and my very favorites right now are my Fall Fashion Board and my Yummy Food board!  I know that I'll be looking for new recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving very soon!

Fall Outfit Idea
Fall Outfit Idea
Fall outfit idea
fall outfit inspiration
Fall outfit idea

Monday's are for fresh starts...what are you doing today?  

Let me know what your favorite Pinterest boards are and what are you pinning these days?  Thanks so much for reading!  Follow me on Instagram and on Pinterest to see what I'm up to!