10 Ways to Find Wonder in the Season

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

The holiday season is upon us and another year of our lives is ending.  We always anticipate the wonder of the holidays as we look back on the past year.  I think this quote from C. S. Lewis is so appropriate because no matter what the year has been like, good or not so good, there is still a chance to make the ending a good one.  There is so much wonder all around us if we just take the time to notice it.  Here are 10 ways to find wonder this season.

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1.  Set an intention for this holiday season.  Decide how you would like to spend your time and energy.  This simple action creates awareness.  Make a conscious effort not to over-commit.

2.  Wonder speaks to our need to be engaged and find pleasure in the world.  Set aside a few minutes each day to be outside in nature if possible.  Notice the beauty of the natural world.

3.  Practice intentional acts of kindness.  Compliment a stranger or pay it forward in the Starbucks line.

4. Practice mindfulness.  Clarity in the present moment brings out the wonder and delight offered to us. There is so much beauty when each moment is fully lived.

5.  Read a holiday story.  If you have children or grandchildren, read aloud to them.

Cabi Faux Suede Jacket

6.  Sit for a few minutes each day in the quiet and say "thank you" for the mind boggling beauty of this world. 

7.  Approach life with reverence and you'll be amazed at how solutions to problems will show up at just the right time.

8.  Enjoy all the unique moments that the holidays have to offer.  Savor the flavor of your favorite foods without guilt, enjoy beautiful music and the sparkle of the decorations.

9.  Realize that nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments.  That in itself is a miracle.

10.  Practice gratitude when you begin to feel stressed.  Don't miss the magic of the season!

Cabi Faux Suede Jacket
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Cabi Faux Suede Jacket

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