A Little Bit of the South in New York City - Rebecca Gardner's Sugarplum Pop-up

“The only thing that makes sense is if the universe is beautiful and simple and elegant.“ 

 ~ Antony Garrett Lisi     

On the last day of our visit to New York, Garrick and I decided to have breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel.  The St. Regis is one of our favorite hotels and I wish we had been able to stay there this visit, but we made up for it by having a delicious breakfast there.  While we were waiting to be served, I decided to walk around in the hotel for a bit and stumbled on this darling Sugarplum Pop-up Shop.  It was all pink and absolutely perfectly styled!  I loved everything about it and I loved that it felt very Southern!  I asked the girl who was working there who owned it and where all the beautiful vintage things came from and I was not surprised to find out that the owner of the business, Rebecca Gardner, lives in Savannah Georgia.  My daughter Rebecca graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and while she was living there, our family fell in love with Savannah.  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with this sweet girl (I wish I could remember her name) and loved looking at everything for sale in the Sugarplum pop-up.  I ended up buying ribbon candy...it's very hard to find good ribbon candy these days, and left with a few decorating ideas.  I took some pictures while I was there, and the quality isn't great because it was a grey day and there wasn't much light, but you'll get an idea of how fabulous everything was.  If you're going to be in New York any time soon, it's definitely worth stopping by the St. Regis and taking a peek at Rebecca Gardner's Sugarplum Pop-up!

When our girls were little, we started giving them a Christopher Radko ornament each year for Christmas.  Our tree is now full of Radko ornaments and the memories that each one brings.  I loved how this mantle in the pop-up was decorated with Christopher Radko ornaments!

Rebecca Gardner Pop-Up at the St. Regis NYC

When we got home from our trip, I looked up Rebecca Gardner and have since become a little obsessed with her (I hear that she's also a "crazy blonde").  She is a very talented event planner and a collector of beautiful objects.  Her imaginative and over the top parties have been featured in magazines such as Town & Country and Southern Living.  

To see more about Rebecca Gardner's Pop-up at the St. Regis, click here!  To read the article in Town and Country Magazine, click here!

Rebecca Gardner Pop-up at the St. Regis NYC

I have a weakness for beautiful vintage dishes and this was just heaven for me!

Rebecca Gardner Pop-up at the St. Regis NYC
Rebecca Gardner Pop-up at the St. Regis NYC
Rebecca Gardner Pop-up at the St. Regis in NYC
Rebecca Gardner Pop-up at the St. Regis NYC

 You know it isn't a party in the South unless you have a bowl of delicious salted and roasted pecans, cheese straws (and a little bourbon) and who doesn't love a goose with a party hat!  Finding the Sugarplum Pop-up was the perfect unexpected ending to our trip!  It really put me in the Christmas spirit and I arrived home, ready to decorate my very Southern home!

Today is Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!  In the spirit of all things Southern, I'm giving away a tin of the most delicious salted and roasted pecans from Rebecca Gardner's Sugarplum Pop-up.  You'll love these to eat alone or to use as an accompaniment to cheese.  To enter, leave your email in the box on my blog, follow me on Instagram and tag two friends.  Yesterday's winner of the Mark & Graham keychain was Rachael Greiner!

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Have a great day!  Thanks so much for reading, and as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!