Introducing bySuzanne Catering

I'm so excited to announce my new website bySuzanne Catering!  The website will be live on March 1st!  

After raising three beautiful girls who have gone on to live exciting lives of their own, I'm going back to what I love to do!  I was a caterer when my girls were young and I decided to stop catering and focus on being a Mom.  The world of food has changed so much since then and I'm excited to be able to be part of that with bySuzanne Catering!  My focus will be on simple preparations with high quality, local (when available), and seasonal ingredients.  I want my food to be as beautiful as it is tasty.  The website will feature a shop page where you can request private catering, sign up for cooking classes and buy delicious foods such as homemade Granola and Curried Cashews!

The idea for bySuzanne Catering came from my blog!  If you have been reading Crazy Blonde Life, you know how much I love to cook and share recipes.  My vision evolved into creating a catering and events business, offering in-home chef services as well as personalized catering and cooking classes.  I love to make beautiful and delicious food, prepared with a consciousness for the environment and local farmers.  I hope to create an extraordinary experience for you and your guests.

Food is about so much more than simply eating.  Food is our history, our family memories, and our sustenance.  Food prepared with love is nourishing to our bodies and our souls!  Come along with me on my journey as I create bySuzanne!

Photography by Sara-anne Photography

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