Crab Cakes with Creamy Lemon Pasta

I've been trying to master the perfect crab cakes for years and I've finally figured out the secret!  I've always tried to use jumbo lump crabmeat but the best crabmeat to use is just plain lump crabmeat.  The pieces of crabmeat in the jumbo lump are  too big and it makes the crab cakes fall apart when they're cooking.  These crab cakes have the perfect combination of crabmeat and other ingredients.  They are coated in panko and then fried in olive oil.  I think you'll love them.  I served them with a Creamy Lemon Pasta and it was a delicious combination.  Keep scrolling for the recipes.

I used a pappardelle egg pasta for the Creamy Lemon Pasta and lots of lemon juice!

I served the crab cakes over a bed of salad greens with chopped red pepper.



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