You Must Go to Eataly Boston

You Must Go to Eataly Boston

Our very first stop after I got to Boston yesterday was Eataly!  I love the Eataly in New York and couldn't wait to visit this one!  We were starving and had the most delicious lunch and then did a little cheese tasting and shopping.  I felt like we sampled our way through Italy!

Everything was displayed so beautifully!

All of the restaurants have open kitchens so you can watch the food being prepared.

Crusty bread was wrapped in paper and served with olive oil and Maldon Sea Salt.

We ordered a perfect little ball of Burrata and it was served drizzled with olive oil and pesto to spread on the bread.  We also shared an appetizer of eggplant parmesan and I got some oysters on the half shell.  It was all so delicious.  We had such a nice time talking and we were able to carry a glass of wine around with us while we shopped.

This was one serious cheese lady!  She gave the best samples!

Eataly has a huge selection of Italian wine and of course, they were having a wine tasting!

Hudson may just be getting a chocolate bunny if I can figure out how to get it home on the plane without breaking it!

They have every kind of olive you can imagine!

And the seafood selection is amazing!  I'm hoping that we can get some fish and cook tomorrow night!  

Perfection!  That is how I would describe Eataly!  It's probably a good think we don't have one at home because I would spend all of our money there!

Eataly has an entire section with nothing but different kinds of Focaccia!

My little artist!  This backdrop was set up exclusively for picture taking!  They really think of everything!

I'm off for more adventures in Boston!  I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you'll check back tomorrow for your Daily Indulgence!  Have a great day!

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