A Restaurant and a Cooking Class...Food and More Food!

A Restaurant and a Cooking Class...Food and More Food!

This is how our day started!  It was snowing in Boston!  The snow was beautiful, but soon turned to a cold rain.  The temperature was a little warmer and the wind wasn't blowing, so it was a better day to be outside.  This first thing on our minds was coffee so we decided to eat a light brunch at Tatte.  Tatte is a fabulous restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and brunch.  It is also a bakery that is bustling with people enjoying conversation and great food.  Evidently there are five of them in Boston and I'm sure that they are all so good!  I loved Tatte the minute I walked in!  The display of pastries...croissants, meringues, muffins, bread, cinnamon rolls, etc was beautiful.  I had a salad that I can't wait to replicate when I'm home.  The salad was made with Romaine lettuce, and was topped with a generous amount of goat cheese, dried apricots, edamame, sunflower seeds and a citrus dressing.  There were so many tempting things on the menu that it was hard to decide.

The baked goods were packaged beautifully and very hard to resist.

This restaurant is so popular that Rebecca had to hold on to our seats while I went to order so someone wouldn't nab our spot.

Everything was displayed so beautifully!

After we shopped around Charles Street for a while, we headed to Sur La Table for a cooking class on Italian baking!

We made a focaccia with grapes that was unusual and delicious, parmesan bread sticks, an almond lemon cake, and almond biscotti dipped in chocolate.  I'll be sharing the recipes on Crazy Blonde Life later next week.  Everything we made was absolutely delicious!

There were only four people in our class and that made it so much fun!

The focaccia is below in all of it's stages.  It was really stunning when it came out of the oven.  We poked holes in the dough, sprinkled with salt, turbinado sugar, thyme and black grapes.

The lemon and almond cake is a dense cake because of the almond flour and it is topped with honey, almonds and confectioners' sugar.  It was a very moist and not too sweet cake.

We put the wonderful food that we made in boxes to bring home.  Rebecca and Hayes are going to incorporate it into a brunch menu for tomorrow morning.  I can't wait to have the leftovers and to make the recipes again when I'm home.

Rebecca and I had such a nice day together and then went to dinner with Hayes at Sportello.  I intentionally left my camera at home so that we could have great dinner conversation and enjoy each other's company.  I'll admit that I really wanted to take pictures of the open kitchen and the pretty food, but I'll be back very soon.

I'm leaving the hotel soon to have brunch at Rebecca's apartment with her and Hayes and then off to the airport to come home.  It's been a great trip in spite of the cold and snow.  I'm looking forward to the warm weather in North Carolina.

I'm planning to incorporate some of the recipes from the cooking class that Rebecca and I took yesterday into my cooking classes and I have so many new ideas!  To sign up for April classes, click here, or go to bySuzanne!.catering.  You'll leave with some great recipes for spring!  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog!

Handmade Tableware and Brunch with Rebecca and Hayes

Handmade Tableware and Brunch with Rebecca and Hayes

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