Life is Good, But...A Little Crazy

It's four o'clock and I'm just now sitting down to write a blog post!  Normally, I like to have some idea what I'm doing for Crazy Blonde Life at least the night before, but since Easter, I've been just a little crazy!  I was interviewed by our local newspaper this morning and I was asked to have food ready to do a video, so that took up my morning and it was so much fun!  Life obligations took my afternoon after that.  It's all good, but I'm trying my best to make a content calendar for the blog and have scheduled posts ready ahead of time for weekends (weeks, mornings, etc.) like this!  I want to share with all of you some of the steps I'm taking to simplify, but that's definitely another post!  Today, I'm sharing a fabulous recipe for Buttermilk Pie! 

If you live in the South, you've probably had buttermilk pie or some version of it!  If you haven't had it, you are definitely missing out!  I think it's my favorite kind of pie.  No one is exactly sure of its origin, but there is speculation...

"Some say gentlemen were served this sweet pie as they retreated to a room to play chess.  Others say the name was derived from Southerners' dialect:  It's jes' pie (it's just pie).  Yet another story suggests that the dessert is so high in sugar that it kept well in pie chests at room temperature and was therefore called "chest pie".  Southern drawl slurred the name into chess pie.  Or, perhaps, a lemony version of the pie was so close to the traditional English lemon curd pie, often called "cheese" pie, that chess pie became its American name. - Southern LIving

However Buttermilk pie or chess pie with buttermilk got it's name, it is a very delicious pie and oh so easy to make.


Serve this pie with raspberries or strawberries on your best china with a beautiful linen napkin and it will be everyone's favorite dessert!

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