Tennessee Bound!

Today's post is going to be a short one because soon we will be leaving with Sarah and all of her belongings to move her to Tennessee.  I can't believe this day is already here and honestly, I never thought it would be so soon.  While I am very ready to get all of her furniture, and extra belongings out of our home, I am not ready for her to leave.  I will miss her more that I can ever begin to describe.  The drive will be a long one and we are taking separate cars because she needs her car when she gets there.  I'm going to stay until Wednesday and help her get unpacked and get their town home decorated and ready to live in.  I'm planning to do a before and after post because I know how cute their little place is going to be.  We've been planning everything for a while now and Sarah had definite ideas about what she wanted everything to look like!

This is the U-Haul getting progressively fuller!

Sarah's car was just as full and I didn't get a picture of mine, but there is only room for a few duffles.  I had everything packed in a suitcase, but had to repack because it wouldn't fit in the car!

Sarah's mother-in-law, Allison, came over yesterday to help us load up and we worked for hours in the rain (it misted most of the day).  We took a break and had a bite of cheese later in the afternoon.  I thought the cheese board turned out beautifully so I took some pictures.  The herbs are stolen from my neighbors garden and Sarah gave me the cheese knife for my birthday.

I'm going to pack the last few things in my bag and we'll be on our way.  Check back to see our progress as we decorate Sarah and Will's town home!

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