Read This Post if You've Ever Thought About Getting Botox

Read This Post if You've Ever Thought About Getting Botox

I've been wanting to do a post on botox for some time now, so here it is.  I have been getting botox for longer than I care to admit, and it's something that I think many people have questions about.  I get botox, because I think it softens my face.  I'm not trying to look younger than I am, I just want to look the best that I can.  Getting botox makes me feel that I am literally putting my best face forward.  I have never been one to try to keep it a secret that I get botox, because I have loved it so much, I want to share that with other people.  Keep reading for some facts about botox and a few more pictures!

Getting botox is not painful, but just mildly uncomfortable and it is very quick.  It takes about 24 hours to start seeing results and after that, your hooked!  The best advice that I could give is to make sure that you're going to an experienced doctor.  Preferably a board-certified plastic surgeon in my opinion.

The injection sites look a little puffy at first, but that goes down very quickly.

I have very deep wrinkles in my forehead without botox, which was the reason I got Botox for the first time.  As I got older, the lines around my eyes started to really bother me.  I definitely still have wrinkles and I believe my face still has a great deal of expression, but I feel like I look more relaxed and rested.

Botox works by blocking a muscle from moving so it reduces the wrinkles that form on your face when it moves.  With long term use, Botox can help prevent shallow wrinkles from growing deeper.

Botox, from Allergan is delivered in an airless vial that contains units of Clostridium botulinum.  This vacuum-dried Botox is then reconstituted (diluted) with a saline solution before it is injected into the skin.  Botox can be over diluted and not work.  Again, make sure you find a reputable, board-certified doctor to do your injections.  Botox injections require a skilled hand!

Botox is a poison, but not a dangerous one!  It is purified and produced in a laboratory setting.  Botox used for cosmetic treatments is very safe!

Cosmetic Botox has been used for almost 30 years and when it is administered, it is perfectly safe.  Make sure that the Botox you are receiving is made by Allergan and not an off label.  Botox is one of the most researched cosmetic treatments.  I'll stress here again, that Botox by Allergan is FDA approved and is perfectly safe when you get injections from a board-certified physician.

Botox can have some side effects such as bruising.  When the needle is injected into the skin, sometimes it may puncture a small blood vessel.  When this happens, bruising can usually be stopped by putting slight pressure on the site of the injection and applying an ice pack.  Bruising is more common around the eyes.  Bruises usually go away fairly quickly and are small so they can easily be covered with concealer.  Ask your doctor about risks and complications before you get Botox.  Also, make sure to tell your doctor about any allergies and medical conditions.  Your doctor should ask you about all medications that you are taking.  For example, last year, I had a blood clot in my leg and had to take Xeralto for about 6 months.  Xeralto can make you bruise more easily so there was more concern about bruising during that time, although I didn't have a problem with it.  I wanted to make sure that my doctor knew about that medication.

It is a good idea not to take any medications that can thin the blood before having Botox injections.  These medications include Asprin, Ibuprofen, St. Johns Wart, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ginko Bilboa, or Ginseng.

You should have realistic expectations of what you're going to look like after Botox.  The results may not be as dramatic as you would like, but after a few times, you will have a better idea of what to tell your doctor.  You may want more around your eyes, or sometimes less.  The effects of the Botox start to wear off usually after 3 - 4 months.

Do your research before you go for the first time and be sure to ask your doctor about any questions or concerns.

If you have never gotten Botox and are considering it, I hope this helps.  Most of what I have written comes from years of getting Botox and articles that I've read over the years.  This past time, as pictured, I got Botox in my neck.  I read an article about how Botox injected into the neck can soften the wrinkles there and, when injected into the jaw line can add more definition there.  I wanted to try it and so far, so good!  I completely trust my doctor, and I don't think that when people look at me that I have that "frozen face" look.  Instead, I believe that I look more relaxed and rested. 

Please let me know what you think of this post!  I want to share and be honest about things going on in my life!  Leave your comments in the box below!  I can promise you that I won't post any of these pictures on Instagram, but I hope you'll follow me anyway @crazyblondelifeblog!

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