How to Create a Grazing Table

How to Create a Grazing Table

Lately, I have been noticing a new trend in catering and it's called the Grazing Table.  It's basically Crudites and Charcuterie, displayed in an amazing and artful arrangement.  These tables are full of vibrant color and seasonal flavor.  Grazing Tables are definitely something that I want to focus on with bySuzanne Catering.

I created this display for an outdoor event on Sunday.  It was a Derby Day party and someone put a horseshoe on top of the napkins so they wouldn't blow away!  I love the look!

Setting up for a display like this is all about making the food look effortlessly beautiful.  Nothing should look to precise.  I hollowed out a large cabbage to hold the dip for the vegetables.

The addition of meats and spreads such as hummus make for a hearty meal if desired.

I found the picture below on a website and don't remember where I got it.  Usually I like to add a link, to give credit.  I love how they've used roasted beets, carrots and fresh basil in this display.

Choose a variety of aged, hard, soft and blue cheeses, then add plenty of seasonal and dried fruits, condiments and preserves.

Wooden boards are a great way to display your assortments of foods, but marble boards also work well and cake stands add height.  Also, it's fun to shop in antique shops and flee markets for dough bowls and other pieces for your display.

Make sure to leave plenty of room for guests to mingle around your grazing table.  These displays are great conversation starters.

Fill in any bare spaces with greenery and/or flowers.  Make sure to avoid flowers that are too fragrant.

Scatter the nuts, crackers and any fresh herbs you want to use around the display in an artful way without being too precise.  Also, don't forget spoons for the condiments and knives for the cheeses.

Creating a grazing table is a fun way to entertain!  All you have to do after you've made your masterpiece is open a bottle of wine!

bySuzanne Catering will be happy to make a grazing table display for any event of any size!

I would love to see the grazing tables that you create!  If you make one, put the picture on Instagram with #dailyindulgence.  Follow me on Instagram at @crazyblondelifeblog to see more pictures of my grazing tables!  

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