10 Reasons to Shop at a Local Farmer's Market

Local farmer's markets are popping up everywhere and so many people are buying everything from eggs and fresh vegetables to homemade bread and jam.  Here are my top reasons why you should be supporting local farmers.

1.  The produce, meat, eggs etc. are fresh from the farm.  The produce that you find at the grocery store is usually several days old before it ever reaches the produce aisle.  It ships from hundreds or even thousands of miles away in refrigerated trucks.  Most of the time, the produce at the farmer's market was picked the very day that you buy it.

2.  Everything is grown using sustainable practices.  Many farmers that participate in local farmer's markets use organic farming practices.  Some are certified organic while other use organic practices but are not certified.  Also, these farmers are more likely to use non-genetically modified seeds.  All of this is better for the earth, and for your body.

3.  The food that you buy is seasonal.  It's not normal for blueberries to grow in the middle of winter!  There is a movement toward seasonal and local eating because local, seasonal foods have more nutrients.  Refrigerated shipping changed the practice of eating seasonal food, but it makes sense to eat seasonally if possible.  Save the butternut squash for fall and winter!

4.  Farmer's Market food is picked at the peak of ripeness!  Food tastes better when it is ripe and also provides the best nutrition possible.

5.  Farmer's Market food is higher in nutrients.  Fresh, local food has fewer chemicals and the vivid colors in the fruits and vegetables reflect the high amount of nutrients they contain.  Food that is produced through careful farming methods is higher in nutrients and it tastes better! 

Farmer's Market Fashion

6.  The food that you buy at the farmer's market tastes better.   Think of the difference between a homegrown tomato and one that you buy at the grocery store.  The quality of the food is will be reflected in your cooking.  Your family and guests will want to eat everything you cook!

7.  When you shop at a local farmer's market you are supporting your neighbors.  Giant corporations run industrial farms making it hard for local family farms to stay in business.  Industrial farming (organic and conventional) depletes the soil of nutrients and uses environmentally UNfriendly farming practices that aren't sustainable long term.

8.  There is much more variety at a local farmer's market.  Small, local farms offer heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that you can't find in grocery stores.

9.  It is affordable to shop at a farmer's market.  The food at a farmer's market is a good value because most of the time it is less expensive, but also because it is higher in nutrients.  You are eating healthier food which makes you healthier in the long run, so you're saving money on healthcare.

10.  You are helping the environment by shopping local.  No only are you supporting farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, but you are conserving fuel.  Most grocery stores get their produce from hundreds of miles away and they use a significant amount of fuel for shipping in big refrigerated trucks.   Along with conserving fuel, local farms produce less waste.

11.  (This is a bonus reason)  Local farmer's markets build community.  When you shop at a local farmers market.  You meet people who live in your community and so many times, you are encouraged to actually visit the farm where the food was grown.  It's also a fun family activity, and a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Farmer's Market Fashion

These pictures were taken at the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market by Sara-Anne of Sara-Anne Photography.  I bought the most delicious peaches along with beautiful plants, heirloom tomatoes, local cheese from Goat Lady Dairy and more!  We had such a fun day and I can't wait to go back. 

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