Late Summer Fashion and a Really Cute Car

Transitional fall fashion

Sometimes you start off the day thinking it will be an ordinary day, and then it turns into a really extraordinary day!  I was having coffee with my friend and photographer, Sara-Anne and we were discussing some upcoming photographs and I got the idea to borrow a cute car to compliment some fall fashion pictures.  I called someone who I thought could help and it wasn't long before I was dressed and sitting in one of the cutest cars ever!  This car is a 1960 MG that has been completely redone.  Not only did I get to take these pictures in the car, but I got to drive it when we were finished.  I learned to drive with a stick shift car and I guess it's just like riding a bike because it all came back to me when I started to drive. 

We had so much fun, laughing and enjoying the (very hot) day.  I guess the lesson here is to be open to what life has to offer because you just never know when ordinary might turn to extraordinary!  I can't wait to see what today brings!  

The outfit that I'm wearing came from Rebecca & Co. in Greensboro (follow them on Instagram here).  They have so many cute things right now with more coming in every day and they are so helpful if you feel a little overwhelmed about what to buy.  If you go in, make sure to tell them that The Crazy Blonde sent you!

It's still so hot and probably will be for a while, but I'm starting to think about transitional clothes and I think this outfit is perfect.  The top is suede from a new company called AS by DF (you should definitely check out the website).  The suede gives it a fall feeling, but the off-the-shoulder style makes it very versitile and I really love the color.  The jeans are by James Jeans (on sale) and are right on trend with the cropped flair leg.  I'm still trying to embrace the high waist trend, and these jeans are high waisted but still very comfortable.  I've linked the outfit that I'm wearing below and a few other similar items.

Gucci Shoes

The weekend is here and I have a long list of things to do for Sarah's and Will's wedding but I'm hoping to still find time to enjoy cooking some of the fresh summer produce that's available at the farmer's market right now!  Follow me on Instagram to see the pics!