A Transitional Outfit as Summer Turns to Fall

I can't believe that summer is almost over and that August starts this week!  Where has the time gone?  I will say that I'm excited about so many things that I'm working on for the fall and I'm ready to get to work!  I do, however, have a wedding here on August 19th and everything will have to be put on hold until after that!  I have several collaborations that I can't wait to share with you and the possibilities seem wide open to me!  This summer has been magical in so many ways, but I will admit that I'm feeling ready for a new beginning this fall!

I stopped into Rebecca & Co. in Greensboro, NC a few days ago and they had so many great things to choose from (with more coming in every day) that I had a hard time making up my mind!  The outfit featured today was a no brainer and will be great for so transitioning into fall.  I will always love denim and as I've been saying, right now there are more options than ever before.  There truly is a style for everyone!  These cute jeans have an interesting "sailor like" button detail in the front and I love the off-one-shoulder top paired with them!  It's a transitional outfit that can be worn while the temperatures are still warm.  The shoes...what can I say, they are fabulous and go with absolutely everything!  They are "Dorothy shoes" in silver!  Keep scrolling to shop these items and more!

Off the shoulder top with ruffles
Off the shoulder top with J Brand jeans
Gucci Mules
Denim with off-the-shoulder top
Denim with off-the-shoulder top
Denim with off-the-shoulder top
off-the-shoulder top with J Brand denim
Off-the-shoulder top

Here are just a few (ok more than a few) of my picks for this transitional season!  I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

Thanks so much to Sara-Anne of Sara-Anne Photography for taking these pictures!  Check back soon for my interview with Sara-Anne and in the meantime, you can drool over her beautiful images on her Instagram and mine!  Thanks for stopping by Crazy Blonde Life today!  Have a great week!