A Beach Sarong by Héliquadrisme (a French Company You'll Love!)

silk sarong

My good friend Christel Van Malsen recently sent me two beautiful scarves (she lives in Lourmarin, France) made by a company called Héliquadrisme.  The collection was created by Virginie Zurfluh from the paintings of Jean François Savornin.  

"Jean-François Savornin presents in his gallery of Loumarin the first picture of Héliquadrism.  Movement of which he is the inventor.  Below is a little about Héliquadrism...

Héliquadrism consists in painting paintings by 2, so that these paintings are different but in the same theme.  The pictures become one by bringing them closer together.  However, the painter imagines his work so that (whatever the sides by which these paintings are to be assembled) the pattern has a meaning and is different from the previous assembly for all four sides of the painting.
It is thus giving the spectator the choice to finalize the work and to perceive it in the way he prefers, and even to change, since each assembly will propose a unique and different vision to him.  
Already art schools and painters of all nationalities are interested in this new movement"

This collection is beautiful, colorful and ultra feminine.  The scarves are very large and I used mine as a sarong, but it's also large enough to tie into a dress or top.  The patterns of these vivid, beautiful paintings are made into scarves, kaftans, tops and dresses.   

You can watch a video here to see more of these beautiful clothes!  To order contact héliquadrisme@gmail.com.

Héliquadrisme scarf tied as a sarong
Héliquadrisme scarf tied as a sarong
Héliquadrisme scarf
Héliquadrisme scarf beach style
Héliquadrisme scarf tied as a sarong for the beach
Héliquadrisme scarf beach style
Héliquadrisme scarf used as a sarong on the beach

Thanks to Sara-Anne Photography for taking these photographs on Bald Head Island.