Habits of Highly Stylish People

The idea for this outfit came from a magazine spread with several outfits pairing black leather jackets and white dresses.  I decided to copy it with pieces that were already in my closet and this is what I came up with.  I think it's the perfect outfit for transitioning into fall.  So many times when I think I have nothing to wear (even though my closet is stuffed full of options), I turn to Pinterest, magazines or other blogs for inspiration.  I really love to shop and would like to buy new designer clothing for every event that I attend, but that just isn't very practical or affordable.  Great personal style doesn't have to be expensive, it just takes a bit of thought and creativity.  The women who truly are the most stylish aren't necessarily the ones who spend the most money.  Below, I'm sharing my 7 habits of stylish women (or men)!

Transitional Fall Look

1.  Highly stylish people don't copy exactly what they see label for label on blogs or in magazines, they use pieces that they already own, or shop for lesser priced pieces that create the same look.

Transitional Fall Look

2.  Truly stylish women can find something in almost any store, including a thrift store, consignment store, vintage store or TJ Maxx and create an outfit while staying true to their own aesthetic...I'm thinking of my daughter Rebecca here (click here to read about a great vintage shop in Savannah).  It takes knowing what you like and having an eye for putting things together.

3.  They know how to style what they buy according to their own taste.  A cute blouse can be great on it's own, but most of the time, it's the way it's styled that makes it stand out.   Maybe it's half tucked into a pair of jeans or the sleeves are rolled up just so, or it could be the statement earrings that make the whole outfit work.

Transitional Fall Look

4.  Stylish people understand that it confidence, not labels that make them stand out.  While we all would love to have that new designer bag, if we aren't carrying ourselves with confidence, it shows.

5.  People with great style know what trends work for them and which ones don't and they dress accordingly no matter what everyone else is wearing.

Transitional look for Fall

6.  People with great style know that rules are made to be broken!  They don't pay attention to things such as "don't wear white after labor day", "don't mix black and brown" and "you have wear either silver OR gold jewelry".  They wear exactly what they want to.  One great example of this is 94 year old Iris Apfel.

Transitional Look For Fall
Transitional Look for Fall
Transitional Look for Fall

7.  They find the idea of age appropriate dressing very boring!  Who made all of those rules anyway?

I'm including some items below to shop, and thinking ahead to much cooler weather with two pairs of Rag and Bone booties that I'm obsessed with!  Just click on the picture!

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