Women Supporting Women

Lately, I've had a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I read the most inspiring posts, and then I turn around and see someone acting in a very inappropriate and petty way, and so many times when this happens, it is a women.  We are at a time in history when things are getting harder for women.  We still are being paid 77% of what men are paid to do for the same job, and usually most of the time, we do the majority of the child care and take care of the home and the meal preparations including the shopping.  Funding is being cut for Planned Parenthood, leaving many women without basic healthcare and we aren't properly represented in our own government.  It puzzles me why some women want to be so negative to other women.  

The post that really got me going was one about weight...weight of 50+ models to be exact.  Women, of any age come in all shapes and sizes.  I am and have always been small, and have been, for the past 30 some years recovering from anorexia.  Anorexia is not something that just goes away or that you just immediately recover from.  I would hate to think that I'm being judged by what I weigh or what size that I wear, especially by someone who doesn't know me or anything about me.  Haven't we gotten past that and isn't it time that we moved on.  What we look like on the outside really has nothing to do with what is on the inside.  We all want to look and be our best selves and we go through seasons in our lives when being our best selves is easy (kind of) and seasons when it's  hard as hell!!

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Yes, it's true that in the past, and still today that magazines and so much of the media set the standards very high for women as far as beauty, but it does seem to be slowly changing.  I believe that all women of every shape and size should be represented, but really, let's quit slamming each other.  Women shed tears over many things and the skinny ones who struggle with eating disorders shed just as many tears as the ones who are struggling with being overweight.  Emotional issues that are internalized are manifested in many ways.  We are all just trying to figure things out.

The one thing that I do know is that we will all be better off when we start accepting each other's differences and realize that we are beautiful in our own ways.  Let's look for the positive aspects and quit being so critical!  We are...so much stronger together.

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It all comes down to the simple fact that anytime we judge or talk negatively about someone else, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with us!  Confidence comes when we realize that we are all one and connected to the same Source.

These are my opinions, and I would love to know your opinions, stated in a respectful way!