Fashion, Food, Fun & Life

Fashion, Food, Fun & Life

As I sit here on my bed, writing this blog post, I'm looking around me at the clutter of my life, and quite honestly, it is driving me crazy.  There is a huge pile of clothes on the chair in my bedroom waiting for a fashion photo shoot on Monday, my suitcase isn't completely unpacked from my trip to Nashville, the laundry pile is sky high and the mail sits unopened on the kitchen counter, and that is really just the beginning!  The reason for all of this is that I am so passionate about blogging, learning photography, and educating myself about this computer that continues to puzzle me so often, that everything else for the most part falls by the wayside.  Finding balance is hard these days.  Since my girls have moved to different states, I am constantly traveling to visit them, not to mention that Sarah's wedding was just a little over a month ago!  My mind is telling me to take a break and catch my breath, but in the same moment it says...keep going, you can get it all done if you just plow through.   This all may seem like one big complaint, but it isn't because I have chosen every bit of it.  I don't have to go and visit my children, or write a blog post, or anything else.  I could forget about every bit of it, hire someone to clean my house, get a part time job or not, but...then what?  I want my life to be full of passion and I want to meet new people and learn, constantly learn.  So, it seems that things will stay the way they are and I will continue to feel like I have too much to do and that my home is never organized completely and that every day, my to-do list gets bigger, and that is just fine with me.  I will do what I can, the best way that I can and try to be satisfied.  My life is rich and full and for the most part exciting.  Almost every day is an adventure full of creativity and love because that's what I have chosen.

Having said all of that, I have decided for now to share with you some of the highlights of the past month.  Some of the pictures are ones that you've seen, and some are new.

The first picture is of Sarah and Will's wedding because it consumed me for much of the last coupe of months!  I took this picture of their "first look" as the wedding party looked on!  There was not a dry eye in the crowd.

DSC_0316 2.jpg

Football games have been a big part of our weekends for the last month or so and I created this easy and beautiful tailgate in collaboration with Tanger Outlets in Mebane, NC. This post includes some delicious recipes for your next tailgate!  This beautiful picture was taken by Sara-Anne of Sara-Anne Photography.

Tailgating at it's best!

I still cannot believe that Hudson turned 2 years old on September 14!  It seems like yesterday when he was born.  I love being Hudson's "Suz"!

Facetune 376.jpg
Hudson's Birthday party

Fall fashion has been featured quite a lot on the blog, in particular, how to stay cool when you want to dress for fall but the temperatures are just not cooperating!  See more here, here, and here.

Fall Fashion

This was my most popular fashion post of the season.  Everyone loves this Cabi tank!

Fall Fashion

In the spirit of the season, I created this easy to make fall centerpiece using seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers.  See how to make it here.

Fall Centerpiece

Everyone loves a delicious and easy weeknight dinner.  This recipe for Sheet Pan Shrimp with Vegetables and Rice is one that you'll make over and over.

Oven Roasted Shrimp with Squash

Sara-Anne went with me to Nashville to take Sarah's bridal portraits and Sarah and Will's couples shots this past week!  I took these pictures during the photo shoot!  Sarah made a very beautiful bride!

Beautiful Bride
Bridal Portrait Photo Shoot

No trip to Nashville is complete without a picture in front of this mural!

Nashville Mural

We at so much delicious food while we were in Nashville and Milk & Honey in the Gulch was one of our many favorite places.  It has only been opened for about two weeks, so it's definitely a new hot spot!

Milk and Honey Nashville

One of my favorite dishes was the Roasted Carrots.  They were served over hummus with chopped hazelnuts.  My version of roasted carrots would excellent prepared this way.  Get the recipe here.

Roasted Carrots with Hummus and Pistachios

It was hard not to over order because everything on the menu sounded so good.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs in most cases!

Food at Milk and Honey Nashville

One of my favorite purchases of the season is this Stella McCartney bag (very similar here).  I will be wearing it with everything!

Stella McCartney Bag

Tanger Outlets is holding a She Expo on October 12.  I am fortunate to be able to work with these beautiful ladies and be in a fashion show for the event.  I'm holding a drawing for two VIP tickets for the next two weeks.  If you live close by, you don't want to miss this fall extravaganza that's just for girls!  The winner of the drawing this week was Charlena Townsend!  Thank you so much to Lamont Johnson Photography for sharing these photographs with me.

Tanger Fall Fashion Shoot
Tanger Fall Fashion Shoot

We took pictures of Sarah and Will dressed in their wedding attire at LA Jackson Rooftop bar in the Thompson Hotel.  Everyone looked on as they walked's not everyday that someone wears a wedding dress to a rooftop bar!  It was a beautiful night filled with wonderful memories!  I'm ending with this picture of the sunset.

Sunset from the rooftop bar at the Thompson Hotel

I have decided to take a break tomorrow to catch up on a few things and do some major house keeping and decorate for Halloween.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Follow me on Instagram @crazyblondelife to see more of my Halloween decorating!

I'm including some fashion inspiration below.  Just click on the pictures below to shop for shearling coats, colorful boots and wristlets.

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Pumpkins

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Pumpkins

Embracing Daily Rituals

Embracing Daily Rituals