The Law of Attraction at Work In My Life

Carla Coulson Say Yes, Yes Yes

My good friend and mentor Carla Coulson has played a major role in helping me through some tough situations with Crazy Blonde Life and with my personal life! She encouraged me to say yes to life and to get organized and focused on me! Last year this time, I wasn’t in such a good place and the Universe brought Carla into my life! I felt as if my dreams would never come true. I was trying to be positive, but I was overwhelmed and frustrated! What I now know is that dreams do come true, things are always working out for me and that things are never as hard as we make them out to be.  Here is the story of how I started to say yes to my life and mean it ~

Carla Coulson Say Yes, Yes Yes

I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction…I believe that the Universe yields to you exactly what you think about, but I also believe that it’s complicated.  Most of the time, what all of us are thinking about is how things aren’t working, about how things are hard and about how dreams will never really come true.

The Universe will bring to you what you are asking for when you are ready for it. Start getting ready…meditate every day, quiet your mind, learn to listen, look for signs every day. It could be an impulse to do something, a person you meet, or an idea that suddenly pops into your head. Pay attention and learn the difference between action for the sake of action and inspired action!

I was looking one evening at a favorite blog of mine.  I was enjoying it, but I was also comparing my blog to the one I was looking at.  I was thinking I needed to make my blog better, that I didn’t have the resources to do what I needed to do and that my blog would never be as good (ugg)!  While scrolling through the post, I noticed a photograph of a girl holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It immediately fascinated me and I clicked on the picture which took me to Carla Coulson’s website (the photograph of the girl was taken by Carla).  I stalked her website for several days and was overwhelmed with the beauty of her photography and her poetic way of writing, but what really got me was that I realized she was a personal and business coach! I emailed Carla and almost immediately she emailed me back!  I knew after reading her email that I wanted to work with her!  Carla and I are the same age and I felt a connection with her that was inexplicable…except I now know that the Universe brought us together.  

When I first started working with Carla, I was definitely all over the place, trying to juggle too many balls and my focus was unfocused!  My Crazy Blonde Life Blog and my life were getting crazier by the minute.  To say that my passion is my blog is probably an understatement, but I needed help.  Carla helped me to organize my time and to prioritize what needed to happen to help my blog grow.  She encouraged me to follow my heart and to write about my passion.  She also helped me to step up and speak my truth!  When I did this, people responded in a big way and the support I received was unbelievable.  As a result, I gained confidence to keep going further.  I have learned so much, met so many people and I am not just saying yes to my blog, I’m saying yes to my life.  I’m letting my heart lead me as I keep growing every day!  Carla was there for me every time we spoke and there were days when she was my therapist, days when she was my friend and days when she was my business coach, but no matter what hat she was wearing, she was on my side and always prepared to help me in the way I needed most at the time.  I’m still having withdrawal from not speaking to her as often.

Meeting Carla was a major turning point with Crazy Blonde Life and my life.  I am more confident, I have a plan, and I am completely confident that 2019 will be my best year ever!

Carla Coulson


”Life coach and photographer Carla Coulson wants to show you all about YES. On Christmas Eve in 1999, she said YES to the possibility of a new life that took her on an adventure from unhappy business owner in Sydney to become a photographer in Italy and Paris working with some of the best magazines on the planet such as Marie Claire and Harpers’ Bazaar. Saying YES to her desires brought her love, tribe, passion, adventure and the best feeling in the world, that of being alive.”

Carla Coulson is the real deal…she is beautiful inside and out and her enthusiasm is contagious. The traffic on my blog grew by 200% last year and Carla played a huge role in helping to give me the confidence to be bold and say yes…which in turn gave me more confidence in every part of my life! Stay tuned, because I’m going to Paris soon to visit her and I can’t wait! The end…and to be continued!