Moisturize Winter Lips with Aubio Lip Balm

It has been so cold here in North Carolina for the past few weeks AND last week…we had a foot of snow! My whole body feels dry when it gets cold outside and I start looking for the richest, thickest moisturizers I can find, and that includes a good one for my lips. I always have a lip balm in my bag, on my desk, and by the bed so that when my lips feel dry I can smooth some on. I just recently started using a new brand called Aubio Life Sciences Lip Balm and I really like it. It’s extremely moisturizing and stays on for hours so I don’t have to keep re-applying. I’ve even been using it under my lipstick because it feels so good. Aubio Lip Balm contains broad spectrum SPF 30 so you’re not only moisturized, but also protected from the sun.


Just a fun fact about Aubio Life Sciences…John Paul DeJoria (you’ll recognize him as the mastermind behind Paul Mitchell hair care products) played a hand in bringing Aubio to life. The company is on a mission to create products that make an identifiable difference – including treatment for cold sores and dry, chapped lips.


I’ve been appplying this lip balm multiple times a day for the last week and I can tell a huge difference in the moisture and overall appearance of my lips. Usually, when it’s this cold outside, my lips stay chapped and dry, but Aubio has really helped to keep my lips smooth and moisturized.

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Someone else in the family really likes Aubio Lip Balm…I was looking for the tube that was on my desk and found it on my husband’s dresser. Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer for him this year!


Aubio Lip Balm

Moisturize your dry lips

How do you keep your skin (including your lips!) hydrated during the winter months? Do you also experience chapped lips? Let me know in the comments below!