This Weather - It's Not Supposed to Be Sooo Cold!

This Weather - It's Not Supposed to Be Sooo Cold!

It seems that for several months now, all I've been talking about is the weather!  I started wondering if I was the only one being affected, so I did a little research.  I NEED sunlight, no joke!  Today, I was scheduled to do some photography for Crazy Blonde Life, and I was just in a was so cold and I didn't want to go outside and take pictures in clothes while I was freezing. All I could think about was "it's not supposed to be so cold at the end of March"! 

Yellow for spring!

 I'm sure I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  It is a real thing, though many people joke about having it during the winter months.  It is challenging to make it through the winter months when you live in a colder climate, but this year, it's been difficult for those of us who aren't used to living in a colder climate!  People who suffer from SAD are affected by the lack of light during the winter months and studies have found that when SAD sufferers are exposed to light they start to feel better.  Now that daylight savings time is in full swing, I want to be outside enjoying the longer days, but it's too cold to enjoy and that is also affecting me!

Extreme weather events are going to be more common in the years to come with rising global temperatures and this could have an real impact on the health and well-being of everyone!  Sorry to bring that up, but it's definitely something we all should think about!  If you're interested in reading more about how weather affects people physiologically, this is a very good article.

Yellow top with grey cardigan and Rag and Bone Booties

In an effort to stay warm and not look like I'm dressing for the dead of winter, I'm trying to incorporate some color into my wardrobe.  I found this really cute yellow top at Anthropologie and paired it with a long cardigan from Cabi (from last year, but the spring line is fabulous).   My favorite cropped flair jeans (more styles here) are a great light wash that I love to wear with grey and my metallic Rag and Bone booties go with everything!  (similar here).

Yellow top with Cabi cardigan, Rag and Bone booties and flare jeans
Anthropologie Blouse with Cabi Sweater

My necklace was made by Ashley Westcott of Lush Jewelry.  Ashley's website is in progress right now and as soon as it's up and running, I'll be sure to share the details!

Spring Outfit Idea - Anthropologie yellow blouse with Cabi Sweater and Rag and Bone Booties

This Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock provides light therapy that gradually wakes you and is supposed to improve your ability to function in the morning and help you to feel more refreshed.

Spring Outfit Idea - Yellow Anthropologie Blouse, Flare jeans, Cabi Sweater and Rag and Bone Booties
Rag and Bone Pink Suede Bootie

I'm so obsessed with these!

Rag and Bone

These absolutely amazing pink Rag and Bone Booties may work as well as the alarm clock, or even better!  I think they would definitely improve my mood!

As I sit here it's a balmy 38 degrees outside, but the good news is that the temperature on Wednesday is supposed to be 70 (woo hoo!), so I'll be looking forward to that for sure!  I hope you've enjoyed this post...please let me know if you suffer from SAD!  Leave your comments in the box below and have a great day!

Stripes and Flares - Refreshing Your Wardrobe For Spring

Stripes and Flares - Refreshing Your Wardrobe For Spring

Blue Coat for a Cool Spring Day

Blue Coat for a Cool Spring Day