2 Ways to Wear Cropped Flare Jeans - Mixing and Matching High and Low

It seems that all my life, it's been a constant struggle for me to stick with just one style.  I have a kind of uniform, but still I gravitate towards many different styles.  One day, it might be a classic striped blouse with leopard pumps and the next it could be a tee shirt and black leather jacket!  Some days, I love a flouncy dress and other days, I want to wear ripped denim with my Gucci mules.  Every now and then, I even want to wear Palm Beach Style...like on our recent trip to Naples.  I wore so many dresses there and loved feeling casual but elegantly dressed.  I guess there are many sides to my personality and I'm inspired by different things on different days!  

In the first set of pictures, I was inspired by a picture that I clipped out of a magazine.  I copied the outfit with things that were in my closet (see Wardrobe Essentials) and I loved how this outfit came together! It's a little unexpected, but still, basically jeans and a top.  I also really like to mix more expensive items or so called investment pieces...mostly shoes and bags for me, that I know I'll keep forever with affordable and more trendy pieces.  I am also willing to spend a little more on my jeans because I wear them so often.  I've mentioned before that I love Zara for trendy pieces that don't break the bank.  The blouse I'm wearing below came from Loft earlier in the season and is no longer available, but I've linked similar.  My classic leopard pumps are by Charlotte Olympia and I've had them for years.  They will never go out of style!  

2 ways to wear cropped flares
Cropped flare jeans
Cropped Flare Jeans
Cropped Flares
Cropped light wash flare jeans
Cropped light wash flare jeans

Again, in these pictures, I was inspired by a photo in a magazine!  I used a long necklace (see more ideas here) that I don't wear very often (it's very heavy) for a belt and styled it with the same jeans for a very different look.  The floral booties are by Steve Madden that I got at TJ Maxx over Christmas and never did get around to wearing (also love these as seen here) and I've had the leather jacket for years.  I would love to know what you think of my belt idea??!!  I'm really trying to step out of my box and wear things that feel good to me!  I think it's okay to love many different styles and mix things up.  You can mix and match items and break the so called "rules"...it's all about your vision!

Flare jeans with chain belt
Flare cropped jeans with leather jacket
Silver boho bag and Steve Madden Booties

The bag in the picture above is by Okhein and was found on consignment.  There are so many great finds out there if you check consignment and vintage stores and websites like Tradesy and TheRealReal!  If you find an item you really love, you'll wear it for many seasons!

I'm off to Atlanta tomorrow to visit Lauren, Hudson and Chris and I'm so excited to see them!  Thanks so much for reading today!