A Free-Spirited World

Some days, I sit down to write a blog post and the words just flow out of me!  Other days, like today, I have so much to say, but it seems totally unrelated to the pictures I'm sharing and that feels a little weird.  It always seems so boring to just share the details of my outfit, because truthfully any one of you could put this outfit together.  In light of that...I'm going to go with writing about unrelated things AND I'll share the details about my outfit.  Keep scrolling for the best part!

Loft cardigan sweater with See by Chloe shoes

Let's start with the outfit...my sweater is from Loft and is 50% off!  It's somewhat basic, but the tie in the front makes it so flattering because it accentuates my waist and is a good length.  It's also lightweight and idea for days when the weather is a little cool.  I wore a simple tank underneath.  It's paired with jeans from Citizens of Humanity and my See by Chloe shoes (also seen here).   I am completely obsessed with these shoes and wish the weather would cooperate!  The cute little cross body bag is from Vera Bradley

Loft cardigan sweater, Vera Bradley bag
See by Chloe shoes with Loft sweater and Vera Bradley bag
9 (4).jpg
Loft Tie front cardigan

Loft - 50% off

Early spring outfit idea!
See by Chloe platform shoes

Now for the other thing(s) on my mind.  I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, Camille Styles.  One of the posts was called An Artist's Beachy French-Inspired Home and when I looked at the pictures, I thought WOW, this is beautiful, but when I read the article, it almost  made me cry (ok it did).  This home is a very special family home in Texas, and the sentence that touched me the most was when the wife was asked to tell about the home, she said "I was searching for a certain avant-garde, eclectic, and free-spirited world we could call our own."  It really made me think...how am I creating a world that I can call my own.  I talk so much about creating the life you want to live, and to a certain extent, I have, but there is so much more!  I want to allow more creativity and create a freedom that allows me to be free-spirited.  I don't believe we were put on this earth to live mediocre lives!  Creating a home that is completely comfortable for the life I want to live, being able to travel, having a comfort level with myself and knowing on a daily basis what I want to accomplish, knowing the things that make me happy, and DOING them; those are the things that are important!  I have some soul searching to do right now!  I feel like I'm starting yet another amazing journey as I sit here and dream.

At times, I think it appears from what I write, that I am a person who has had some struggles and has overcome them.  That is so true, but I don't think that the struggles ever end, at least that hasn't been my experience.  Learning how to handle the struggles with grace and putting things in perspective is the important lesson.  Creating a vision for life is important, but learning to enjoy where you are in this moment is very necessary.  The joy comes when we get clear on where we are going.  We stop rushing around and totally experience what's happening in this moment.  I know for sure that I have gotten through 100% of the hard days because here I am, still here and contemplating life!  Smile through the pain if you can and show yourself just how strong you are.  Stop overthinking everything, let it go and feel the freedom in that.  That is part of being free-spirited.  Embrace the present and know that the struggles of the past have made you stronger and wiser and today is a gift that you can't get back.  

As I look back on some events over the past three years or so, I see (hindsight is always 20/20) that the Universe was guiding me the whole time.  Sometimes it didn't feel that way, it felt like pure hell.  I never dreamed 5 years ago that I would be sitting here writing a blog that reaches between 17,000 and 21,000 people every month (omg I guess I'm feeling a little proud of myself).  I have some very exciting plans and impatience takes over at times, but like I said here, "life happens somewhere between the extremes of pure joy  and complete devastation".  Life will happen, and it can be exhausting and uncomfortable, or exhilarating and rewarding, but when you stop and think about it, you can't go backward, only forward.  What will your forward be?  Every day is a chance to create a  "free-spirited world", whatever that means to you.

I want to build a community on this blog, not just have followers.  Please feel free to comment and leave me suggestions or question!  Thanks so much for reading!