Spring Essential Wardrobe Pieces - Two Videos

Happy Weekend!  It's raining in North Carolina and today would be the ideal day for a closet clean out!  Before you start, grab a cup of coffee and watch my videos on Spring Wardrobe Essentials.  You'll learn which pieces are essential to your wardrobe and hopefully that will make your closet cleanout easier.  Keep scrolling for a few tips on how to organize your closet and for my favorite picks for essentials!  Here's to fresh starts and being organized!

Color Coordinate and Section Everything - Separate items into categories, then color-coordinate from lightest to darkest with color groupings. 

Organize Your Drawers - Separate long sleeve and short sleeve tops that you don't hang and again, color-coordinate from lightest to darkest.

Take Inventory - Put on some music you love and work for a solid hour!  Look at anything that you haven't worn in the past year and make piles of things to donate or sell.  Clear out anything that doesn't serve you or that doesn't make you feel your best self.

Separate Accessories - Create a special drawer, basket or bin for socks, workout gear, lingerie, etc.  Hang hooks for your favorite scarves and long necklaces.

Clean As You Go - Make your closet a place you like to be by adding satches of lavender, or your favorite scent (I love this one from Jo Malone for summer).

Move Out Off Season Clothes If Possible - this way it's protected and you can see the things you will actually be wearing.

Make Beautiful Displays With Your Jewelry and Accessories - Pretty jewelry stands and hooks make your closet look nice and also make accessorizing your outfits easier!

Invest In Good Hangers - I like Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers - they save space and hold everything from coats to dresses.

Cluttered closets weigh you down and create stagnant energy which can make you feel overwhelmed every time you get dressed.  Keep the energy fresh and moving...this is the season for new beginnings and fresh starts! 

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