One Thought Changes Everything!

I read a pretty life changing book over the weekend called One Thought Changes Everything by Mara Gleason!  I ordered it from Amazon and it was immediately available on my laptop, so I started reading.  I've written before about my belief in the Law of Attraction, and this book really breaks it down and makes it so understandable.  It's all about how as human beings, we create our own experience of reality.  Our thoughts dictate our feelings, not the other way around.  If you stop and think about it, every time you have a negative thought it makes you feel bad and when you think about a happy time, or something that you're looking forward to it makes you feel good.  The point is that you have the ability to think what you want to.  It's not always easy, but like anything else, being aware of the capability is half the battle.  The premise of the book is that "when any of us truly understands how we create reality, surprising and profound changes occur in our lives and in the world around us".  I started reading the book Saturday afternoon and got about halfway through before I had to stop.  The ideas were so compelling to me, that I woke up at around 1:30 am, pulled out my laptop and finished reading the book.

Because these ideas can be applied to every single person on the planet and could have huge positive effects on society as far as solving global problems, Mara Gleeson started a non-profit called One Solution.  One Solution addresses global challenges by by addressing their source in the mind.  You can read more about One Solution here.

"A set of three universal principles behind the human experience forms the core of One Solution.  These principles explain that thought, not external factors, creates our experience; that consciousness makes that experience real to us; and that every person possesses the innate resilience, or the capacity for new thought, through the inbuilt intelligence of the mind."

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post called Change Your Life, One Step at a Time.  I felt that I was in a really good place and I wanted to share how I got there and what I had been through.  At the time, I was practicing Law of Attraction very intentionally.  I was meditating, super focused on my thought patterns, and determined to choose happiness over misery every day.  It's crazy how life can be, we're all human and not perfect, but long story short, after I wrote that post, all hell broke loose.  It seems that I allowed some of my habitual thought patterns and fears to creep back into my head and I believed that old story all over I again.  I created in my life (again), exactly what I was thinking about.  It took this book to give me the jolt I needed to come out of it.  I will admit that I felt like a fraud when things started to come undone, but I wasn't a fraud, I just had stopped taking my own good advice.  The other thing I can tell you, is that I have spent the better part of my 54 years allowing those habitual thought patterns to run my life and make me unhappy, and this time, I fell back into it only briefly.  Once you know about the Law of Attraction, the misery you feel when you aren't practicing it is so much greater than it was before you knew, simply because YOU KNOW LIFE CAN BE BETTER.

What I'm trying to say, is that, in life, you do get what you think about, it takes so much awareness and the realization that our thoughts are not real and we can control them.  That was the part I was missing...the part about thoughts not being real.  Thoughts are not something tangible that you can see or touch, but if you believe the bad thoughts, they produce feelings that then produce actions that are based on fear.  This is never a good thing.  Action coming from fear very rarely turns out well.  The only situation I can think of would be one where adrenaline takes over and I believe when that happens, we are at one with the Universe.  We all have access to that oneness all of the time, it's call alignment.  Feeling at peace, feeling contentment and clarity are all feelings of alignment.  When you are in a place of alignment, you give the Universe or God, permission to guide your life and allow good things to happen.  Understanding that the contrast or the bad times are teachable moments is important and coming out the other end over and over again makes us stronger and hopefully those times happen less and less.  

I'm here to tell you that I will never quit searching for happiness on a daily basis, but what I have learned is that it takes dedication and awareness and the belief that I have the capacity to choose new thought, every minute of every day.